James O’Keefe banned from Equinox gyms after exposing Judge Art Engoron

by WorldTribune Staff, March 1, 2024

After posting undercover video of the judge in Donald Trump’s New York fraud case at a gym in Great Neck, New York, investigative journalist James O’Keefe received a lifetime ban from the gym.

James O’Keefe with Judge Art Engoron

Judge Art Engoron is seen in the video telling O’Keefe that he gets “lots of hate mail” but he’s “strong.”

A source said the judge is seen at the gym “creeping girls out” on “every visit.”

The video also shows a woman using an exercise machine gesturing with her hands for the judge to “back off,” O’Keefe said.

Engoron recently hit Trump with a massive $355 million judgment for his business practices in the state of New York.

According to reports, Judge Engoron has been married three times and has four children.

Recently, Engeron came under scrutiny for posting half-naked photos of himself on an alumni newsletter he oversees.

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O’Keefe said he received a call from Equinox gym, notifying him that he is officially “house-canceled from ever joining any Equinox going forward in the future.”

When O’Keefe inquired on the reason for his membership being canceled, he was met with “Nope! There’s no reason to be given. So just please, going forward, I will house-cancel your membership. You have been canceled, effective immediately, and you will no longer be joined to ANY Equinox.”

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