It’s come to this: Cocaine, lies and America’s White House

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By Bill Juneau, July 9, 2023

Yes, there was a small cellophane container of cocaine or white “gravel” found inside the White House several days ago.

The ten-cent baggie of white powder, also called, “yam-yam” is an old friend to users like Hunter Biden and his half-sister, Ashley Blazer Biden. The illegal substance was happened upon by a security officer on July 2 inside the historic presidential home and headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Hunter and Ashley are family members well known to agents at the White House. The story of Hunter’s corruption and drug use have been told in a laptop computer which he discarded and which is now in the hands of the FBI. Ashley, the 42-year old daughter of the President and Dr. Jill, accidentally left behind a diary in a drug rehab center and it found its way into media hands. It revealed her story of sexual dalliances as a young woman and her being sexually molested by an unidentified family member; and showering with her father, which she added was “not appropriate.”

Ashley Biden and Hunter Biden

For unexplained reasons, the precise location inside the mansion has never been pinpointed, but the finder was a secret service agent, one of a great many assigned to the White House, whose job it is to assure maximum security and decorum in the great American mansion. These agents guard every entrance without exception, as well as always strolling about and watching for questionable visitors and incidents.

When first spotted, it was reported, there was concern that the powder was anthrax, but in short order it was confirmed that it was cocaine. In 2001, a small concentration of Anthrax, the lethal bacteria that is also a plain white powder, was detected on a mechanical device known as a “slitter,” which is used to open mail destined for the White House. It was in a mail facility that processes letters to the White House. The facility was closed for further testing, and environmental tests turned up negative. In past years, mailed Anthrax has caused the deaths of several persons.

The spokespersons have said that the “electric kool-aid” could actually be pitched in the direction of five members of the Biden family. At the top of the list are: Hunter Biden, a confirmed addict, but now said to be clean; and his sister, Ashley Biden Krein, wife of a plastic surgeon. Both Bidens have spent some time in rehab centers coping with the habit. Other Bidens, the President’s brother, Frank and niece Caroline, and the late son Beau’s widow, Hallie, also have had stints in rehab facilities, according to the Daily Mail and other media arms. In some cases, rehab had been ordered by a judge.

The president’s brother James, who has been a partner of Hunter’s in his rich, Biden-named enterprizes, has apparently not been a user of cocaine, so far as has been reported.

On television, just last night, Ned Ryun, American Majority CEO guested on the “Ingraham Angle” show, and said that the little cellophane bag must have been, without doubt, a Hunter stashed treat. “Everyone in the White House knows who put it wherever it was found,” said Ryun. “There are cameras everywhere in the building.” Answers will forever remain with the Bidens, and the door will eventually close on the so-called “investigation.”

Hunter’s cocaine addiction is well known, and his dad has said that he is “very proud of his son who kicked the habit.” But Joe Biden’s history as a “complete liar” is well documented so his word on the source of the baggie or on Hunter’s reformation is anyone’s guess.

The so-styled 10-cent baggie was found somewhere; maybe in a library or in the west wing or in the situation room, but it is now in the hands of the Secret Service, which according to Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has opened an investigation. But details, says the diminutive, curly, twirly, red Afro-haired Jean-Pierre, is not now for public consumption, and she said she definitely “cannot not share more” with reporters at this time.

However, Jean-Pierre emphasized to questioning reporters that the happy-packet was found on Sunday, July 2, and that the President and Dr. Jill were not on the premises. They were away from the White House on “on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and yes, even Monday,” and that’s for the record, she said.

Many newsmen are saying “look no further than the 53-year-old Hunter” whose cocaine habit has been voracious. Back in 2013, he was kicked out of the navy because of the uncontrolled addiction. Photographs of him almost naked with an unkempt look and a crank pipe hanging from his mouth have gone viral and even the NYT and WAPO, arms of the Democratic party, acknowledge the woeful background of Hunter and the legitimacy of his discarded laptop computer in the hands of the FBI.

A copy of the hard drive from the Laptop computer is possessed by Congress. It has revealed the story of Hunter’s corruption and money laundering, and his get-rich contracts with China, Ukraine and Russia. The contracts have, according to congressional investigators, provided money to some ten members of the Biden family with big chunks of money earmarked for “Pop” or the “Big Guy” as Vice President Biden, now President Biden, was then addressed.

Very likely, the end result of the “investigation” will be that someone possessing the baggie came into the White House through the west wing entrance and maybe it fell out of a pocket or a briefcase that had been overlooked by some errant security agent. No denizen of the White House was involved.

With the Biden administration, promised truth and transparency are not a way of life. Lies and cover ups are the name of the game, and that will conclude any “investigation.”

Bill Juneau worked for 25 years as a reporter and night city editor at the Chicago Tribune. Subsequently he became a partner in a law firm and also served as a village prosecutor and as a consultant to the Cook County Circuit Court and to the Cook County Medical Examiner. He is currently writing columns and the ‘Florida Bill‘ blog.