ISIL threatens attacks on Jewish kindergartens, schools in Turkey

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Turkish officials said Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) have threatened to attack Jewish schools and kindergartens in Turkey.

Istanbul's Great Synagogue .
Istanbul’s Great Synagogue .

“It is more than credible threat. This is an active plot,” an intelligence official told Sky News.

Turkish intelligence officials said the information on ISIL’s planned attack was obtained after the arrest of six jihadists in the city of Gaziantep last week. The main target was Istanbul’s Great Synagogue which has a community center and a school nearby, the officials said.

Turkish police have since bolstered security at Jewish synagogues and centers.

Following the recent terror attack in Istanbul, Israel’s Couner-Terrorism Bureau upgraded its travel warning to Turkey from a basic concrete threat to a high concrete threat.

The Bureau recommended that the public avoid visiting the country and that those already there leave as soon as possible.

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