ISIL jihadist registered as refugee one week before terror attack in Istanbul

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The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) jihadist who killed 11 tourists in Turkey on Jan. 12 had registered as a refugee one week before the bombing.

CCTV footage released on Jan. 13 shows 28-year-old ISIL jihadist Nabil Fadli registering as a refugee with Turkish immigration authorities. Fadli blew himself up in Sultanahmet Square near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, killing 11 tourists, and injuring 14.

A tourist captured the explosion near the Blue Mosque in Sultanahmet Square. /Rex Features
A tourist captured the explosion near the Blue Mosque in Sultanahmet Square. /Rex Features


Fadli has been confirmed as carrying out the blast in the name of ISIL. He was not on any list of known militant suspects, Turkey’s interior minister said on Jan. 13.

Meanwhile, a Turkish tour guide was credited with saving several other tourists after she spotted Fadli “pulling the pin” in Sultanahmet Square, and shouted at the crowd of tourists to run, moments before blast.

“I was with a group of 20-25 people near the Obelisk. I heard a trigger sound. I realized it wasn’t a normal sound and I looked around me,” Satiroglu, who suffered a leg wound and hearing loss in the blast, told police according to WorldBulletin.

“Amongst our group I noticed someone who appeared to be Turkish looking in our German group. He had a cleanshave face, with a small beard. I saw him pull the pin trigger, and I screamed for everyone to run. We started running as the bomb exploded.”

At least nine German tourists and one man from Peru were killed in the blast. Six Germans, one Norwegian and a Peruvian were also wounded in the blast, with one of the German nationals later dying in the hospital.

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