ISIL claims responsibility for attack in Caucasus that killed 10 Russian soldiers

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Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) claimed its Russian affiliate set off two explosions in Dagestan on March 29 that killed 10 Russian soldiers.

Cacausus Province jihadists.
Caucasus Province jihadists.

The ISIL affiliate, Caucasus Province, launched the attack on the city of Kaspiysk in the southern Russia republic of Dagestan.

“The Caliphate’s soldiers managed to explode two vehicles of the Russian army in Kaspiysk, eastern Dagestan, thereby killing ten soldiers and injuring three others,” an ISIL statement said.

Kaspiysk is a port city that is seen as a potential major target for ISIL in the Caucasus region as it hosts federal anti-terror units whose headquarters are located in a number of key coastal cities.

Caucasus Province released its first video on March 6, urging Muslims in Russia to join ISIL jihadists in the Caucasus in order to hit the “Russian apostates.” Jihadists in the video also threatened to attack Russian President Vladimir Putin.