Intel official praises action on Brennan: His attacks ‘without any proof’ benefited only Putin

by WorldTribune Staff, August 16, 2018

Former CIA Director John Brennan’s ongoing behavior is damaging U.S. national security and President Donald Trump “did the right thing” in revoking Brennan’s security clearance, a former intelligence official said.

“Brennan’s actions are unconscionable,” a former senior intelligence official told in an Aug. 15 report. Brennan “is spreading erroneous and derogatory information about President Trump without any proof and it does nothing more than harm our nation and our national security.”

Former CIA Director John Brennan ‘has recently leveraged his status as a former high ranking official with access to highly sensitive information to make a series of unfounded and outrageous allegations,’ a White House statement on Aug. 15 said.

Brennan, who is currently a contributor at MSNBC, called Trump’s comments at his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin an act of “treason” and has alluded to unverified rumors that the Kremlin is blackmailing Trump.

“It’s detrimental to national security, and what does Brennan gain from this?” the former intel official asked. “On the other hand, Putin gains everything…watching former senior government officials devouring the office of the president and doing more damage to our nation than the Kremlin ever dreamed of.”

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders on Aug. 15 read a statement from Trump announcing Brennan’s security clearance was revoked:

Brennan, the statement said, “has recently leveraged his status as a former high ranking official with access to highly sensitive information to make a series of unfounded and outrageous allegations, wild outbursts on the internet and television about this administration. Mr. Brennan’s lying and recent conduct, characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary is wholly inconsistent with access to the nation’s most closely held secrets and facilities, the very aim of our adversaries which is to sow division and chaos.”

The statement continued: “More broadly, the issue of Mr. Brennan’s security clearance raises larger questions about the practice of former officials maintaining access to our nation’s most sensitive secrets long after their time in government has ended. Such access is particularly inappropriate when former officials have transitioned into highly partisan positions and seek to use real or perceived access to sensitive information to validate their political attacks. Any access granted to our nation’s secrets should be in furtherance of national, not personal interest.”

The president said via the statement that he was also “evaluating action with respect to the following individuals: James Clapper, James Comey, Michael Hayden, Sally Yates, Susan Rice, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr. Security clearances for those who still have them may be revoked and those who have already lost their security clearance may not be able to have it reinstated.”

In response to having his security clearance yanked, Brennan tweeted: “This action is part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech & punish critics. It should gravely worry all Americans, including intelligence professionals, about the cost of speaking out. My principles are worth far more than clearances. I will not relent.”

Trump attorney, Rudy Giuliani told Fox News’s Sean Hannity earlier this week, “The guy running [the Russia investigation] is Brennan, and he should be in front of a grand jury. Brennan took a…dossier…unless he’s the biggest idiot intelligence agent that ever existed…and he peddled it to Harry Reid. That led to the request for the investigation. So, he takes a false dossier, he gets the senators involved…and they demand…a totally phony investigation.”

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