Insurrection? Protesters storm U.S. Capitol, demand Israel agree to ceasefire

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, October 18, 2023

It’s all but assured that Oct. 18, 2023 will not go into the history books alongside Jan. 6, 2021.

Anti-Israel protesters inside the U.S. Capitol on Oct. 18. / Video Image

A large group of protesters from the anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace stormed the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday to demand that Israel agree to a ceasefire with Hamas.

The House Sergeant at Arms said access to the Capitol was restricted due to the demonstration.

“Due to First Amendment activities on Capitol Grounds, all pedestrian entry points to the House Office Buildings are restricted to Members and Staff ONLY,” a message from the House Sergeant at Arms said.

Unlike the Jan. 6 protest, which leftists and their legacy media partners continue to characterize as an “insurrection,” only a handful of protesters on Wednesday were arrested and the authorities have not yet deemed the group “domestic terrorists”.

The U.S. Capitol Police said they began making arrests when protesters failed to stop demonstrating in the Cannon Rotunda but did not say how many were taken into custody.

The Capitol Police also announced they were shutting down roads around the Capitol to ensure the safety of protestors outside.

Footage from inside the Cannon Office Building shows a large group chanting “Ceasefire Now” and calling for Congress to demand the fighting stop in Israel.

“We’re all here to demand an end to the genocide of the Palestinian people, aided and abetted by the U.S. government,” the group wrote on X, formally Twitter.

“The root of violence is oppression, and we’re here to say not in our names. We have the power to stop the ongoing atrocities against Palestinians. We refuse to standby as the Israeli government commits genocide against Palestinians in Gaza,” the group added. “The only path to peace and safety — for everyone — is through ensuring justice and equality for everyone. And that means ending the Israeli government’s illegal occupation of Palestine. To end genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, we’re demanding a #ceasefirenow.”

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