In rebuke to Merrick Garland’s DOJ, one-third of senators call for a Hunter Biden special counsel

by WorldTribune Staff, September 20, 2022

Citing several new whistleblower reports and allegations of a coverup within the FBI of testimony damaging to Hunter Biden, 33 Republican senators signed a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland calling for a special counsel to investigate the first son’s foreign business dealings.

In the Sept. 19 letter, the GOP senators write to Garland: “Given the politicization of the DOJ under your watch and the importance of avoiding any appearance of impropriety, the undersigned request that you provide U.S. Attorney (David) Weiss the full protections and authorities of a special counsel.”

The letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland from 33 GOP senators states: ‘It is clear that Hunter Biden thrived off a ‘pay to play’ culture of access to his father, then Vice President Joe Biden in exchange for financial compensation.’

“This is one important action that you can take that will go a long way in restoring faith in our governmental institutions.”

The letter was sent to Garland just one day after the “60 Minutes” interview in which Joe Biden claimed that his son’s foreign dealings — including in China, Russia and Ukraine — didn’t cause conflicts of interest for him.

“There’s not a single thing that I’ve observed at all that would affect me or the United States relative to my son Hunter,” Joe Biden said, despite the fact that he’s met with many of his son’s business associates.

The New York Post, which broke the Hunter Biden laptop story in October 2020, noted that Biden has not sanctioned a Russian billionaire with whom Hunter Biden reportedly did business, despite sanctioning much of Russia’s elite this year over the Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine. And Hunter Biden still co-owns investment firm BHR Partners with Chinese government entities, according to online records.

The Post also noted that Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware and a Trump administration holdover, “has been leading the investigation of Hunter Biden, who recently paid the IRS about $2 million in back taxes — using either a loan or gift from Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris — in an attempt to avoid prosecution.”

Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn organized the letter, which was signed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

“There is no way of knowing the entire scope of the investigation, but evidence seems to be mounting that Hunter Biden committed numerous federal crimes, including, but not limited to, tax fraud, money laundering, and foreign-lobbying violations,” the letter says.

“Indeed, Senators [Chuck] Grassley and [Ron] Johnson have conducted an investigation for several years that has resulted in the public discourse of facts that support those criminal concerns, including the disclosure of financial records showing the Biden family’s close financial connections to the communist Chinese government and questionable foreign nationals,” the letter continues.

“It is clear that Hunter Biden thrived off a ‘pay to play’ culture of access to his father, then Vice President Joe Biden in exchange for financial compensation.”

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The Post’s Miranda Devine reported earlier this month that disgraced former FBI agent Timothy Thibault was the “point man” for former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski and never followed up with him about his bombshell claims that Joe Biden was involved with a business deal with Chinese energy company CEFC.

Thibault recently retired from the FBI following criticism of his anti-Trump social media posts and whistleblower allegations that he buried Hunter Biden material.

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