Hunter laptop called more evidence U.S. intelligence community interfered in 2020 election

by WorldTribune Staff, March 27, 2022

In knowingly disseminating the false narrative of the Hunter Biden laptop story being “Russian disinformation” in October 2020, the U.S. Intelligence Community sought to manipulate public opinion through the press and to disenfranchise President Donald Trump’s voters, an analysis said.

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden

“This was just another information campaign by the Intelligence Community, instituted for the purpose of influencing the 2020 election,” the Techno Fog analysis noted.

Even The New York Times has now confirmed what the public has long-known: that the Hunter Biden laptop, with all its incriminating e-mails and scandalous media, is authentic.

Still, “the laptop that launched a thousand lies” served its purpose for the Left.

The lies “weren’t limited to the usual suspects in media: Brian Stelter, CNN, etc. Instead, we saw them from more than 50 former senior intelligence officials, from directors of the CIA to directors of the National Security Agency,” the analysis noted in focusing attention on the role played by the U.S. intelligence community (IC).

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Those officials included Gen. Michael Hayden (a former director of both the CIA and NSA); John Brennan (former CIA Director); James Clapper (former Director of National Intelligence); and Leon Panetta (former CIA Director).

The analysis listed several deceptions by the IC that were backed by the corporate media including the “infamous September 3, 2020 article from The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg — where Goldberg accuses Trump of calling dead American soldiers “losers”. The story, later proven to be bogus, was based on U.S. intelligence sources.

“Our Intelligence Community is keen on protecting the corrupt and committed to deceiving the public to achieve their goals,” the analysis said. “In other words, the intelligence operations have come for the Americans. We’re targets — and we’re the victims.”

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