High priests of the vaccine ‘Golden Calf’: Forget what we did and get with the program

Special to WorldTribune, March 7, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

It would seem that the Golden Calf of vaccine mandates has now been milked for all it was worth by the corporate elites who raked in staggering profits and the politicians and health professionals they own. It will be interesting to observe how the once-fevered campaign is wound down.

A deft touch is required. As evidence continues to pile up about the rushed vaccines’ dangers to human health, the entire operation will have to be justified and pressure still carefully applied to the “unclean” unvaxxed in order to keep with the persistent messaging of the past two years.

The new direction will go something like this:

  • “We’re not gonna make you get it anymore, but you still really, really need to. Your life depends on it! And you want to help others, don’t you?”
  • “It was never about the money. We did our best to save their lives, but if they want to die, then that’s up to them.”
  • “We still have ways to make life hard on them if they won’t go along.”

Part One can be seen in persistent ongoing big-box media coverage of “vaccine hesitancy” and why it is so important to overcome it.

The Dayton Daily News on March 6, this late in the coronavirus hysteria season, ran an article titled “Here’s what’s finally convincing local people to get the COVID vaccine.” It’s hard to be convinced that anybody is being convinced to get the Jab now after refusing despite being threatened with loss of job, access to public places and services, etc. yet that is just what the Daily News would have Ohioans believe:

“It’s either the vaccine or the ventilator, which would you prefer?” is what Dr. Kim Bethel, a primary care physician in Trotwood, asks her high-risk patients.

Patients still routinely come in for their first shot, Bethel said, especially now that it’s been out for a year and those filling hospital wards and dying are mostly the unvaccinated.

Bethel has patients who aren’t elderly, so they don’t realize they are at increased risk because of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes or COPD. Health issues like these tend to be more common in the Black community, which is why the hospitalization rate for Black Ohioans who get COVID is higher — but the vaccination rate among that community lags.

Local doctors scaring the heck out of their patients and slamming “disinformation” on the Internet… all of a sudden, that’s supposed to work?

Some of her patients don’t trust politicians or the media, but Bethel said some frustratingly do trust Google and social media.

“The biggest thing I have to do is get through all the myths and put them to rest, and try to get them to be at ease,” she said.

But it’s about more than just that. A reliance on on-the-ground expertists reaching individuals in a one-on-one manner free of judgment is the way to go, the paper relates:

As part of her work as associate director of the Stress, Trauma and Resilience Recovery Center at the Ohio State Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, [Arianna Galligher, a licensed independent social worker] regularly has conversations about the vaccine.

“If the sole purpose of the conversation is to try to change someone’s mind, you’re probably going about it the wrong way,” she said. “Lead with compassion … Rather than approaching the conversation with all of your facts and figures and your very strongly held beliefs, approach someone who’s unvaccinated with a stance of benign curiosity. Say, ‘Help me understand what’s getting in the way’ or ‘what are you nervous about?’”

A haughty credentialed class that has resorted to force through two overwrought years of COVID hysteria now believes it can rely on imposing its will personally via the hypnotic powers of its white coats and official titles.

In Virginia, an establishment Republican governor has steadfastly declared that he will not require commonwealth residents to get the Jab. But he will resort to this same shameless tactic of pushing fear in an attempt to change minds.

The Roanoke Times reported March 6:

The first video in a series from Virginia health officials targeting the 1.6 million Virginians who have not been vaccinated features Sophie Chafin Vance, the daughter of a state senator who died of COVID-19.

“We are constantly reliving that loss as the pandemic continues,” Vance says, sitting near a tractor on her family’s farm in Lebanon, a town in Russell County. “I didn’t think twice walking in those doors and getting that vaccine. I wanted to live,” says Vance, whose father, state Sen. Ben Chafin, R-Russell, died in Richmond on Jan. 1, 2021.

“That’s ultimately what it comes down to. Do you want to live?”

Again, credentialism is being utilized as a weapon of persuasion:

The emotional video, which will launch next week, is the first in a series that will tap what state officials call “trusted voices” to move unvaccinated and unboosted Virginians to action. It is the primary focus of the new COVID-19 action plan from Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who is trying to increase the state’s vaccination rates while taking aim at any form of requirement.

Nothing spooky and authoritarian about that, is there?

Part Two, the justification of the entire tyranny, is also essential to the post-mandate Jab World. Ruling regime television network CBS, which has received funding from multi-billionaire vaccine fanatic Bill Gates in the past, hamfistedly used its news wing March 6 to spin jab manufacturer Pfizer as a corporate white hat that only wanted to save the world.

“Behind the scenes of the Pfizer vaccine,” reads the headline to a post on a CBS “Sunday Morning” feature, as if a window were being opened to a monumental achievement in human history. A Pfizer press release would have been more restrained:

Think back to two years ago, as COVID-19 spread across the world, when the normal timeline for the development of a vaccine was eight to ten years. “You went to your team and you said, ‘Get one in eight months,'” said [CBS correspondent Alina] Cho. “Did you honestly believe you could get it done?”

“I felt that we don’t have option to fail,” [Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert] Bourla replied.

Glossing over the fact that Americans are only just now learning about the numerous deadly side effects to the Pfizer jab, CBS portrays Bourla as a noble soul who is big enough to not get upset by criticism the company has received from those not willing to blindly trust Big Pharma. Turning the other cheek, he is only heartbroken for them:

Bourla has a new book discussing the challenges: “Moonshot: Inside Pfizer’s Nine-Month Race to Make the Impossible Possible” (Harper Business). In it he writes: “What if we had accomplished these breakthroughs only to discover that the public would refuse the shot for lack of trust in the industry, the company, or the science itself?”

Cho asked, “So, in some ways, do you think that’s what happened?”

“I think that, to a very high degree, it happened,” he said.

“Doesn’t that upset you personally? You’ve worked so hard on getting this vaccine to market safely. It doesn’t upset you?”

“It doesn’t upset me. What it makes me feel is very sad. Beyond sad. Because I know the consequences of the way that these people are thinking. And a lot of them are suffering these consequences and they are dying.”

Expect to see a LOT more of this in coming months. A quickie corporate program to get a product out to market as soon as possible that supposedly free citizens were forced to take upon pain of losing employment and civil rights will be painted as a miracle on par with the Moon Landing. Meanwhile, the doubters will be scorned as lepers left to wallow in their own ignorance.

It is going to be this vicious.

In terms of “journalism,” this marks a new low, even for network news, which can’t even pretend to be dealing in real reporting anymore. Alina Cho is literally serving as a glorified press hack for the corporation she pretends to be interviewing for a news article.

By the way, probably doesn’t have anything to do with this – of course, not – but check out the 44-second mark:

But while the judgmentalism and self-congratulating whitewashing of the expertists who dearly hope to escape the wrath of an embittered and outraged citizenry may not mean much to most Americans today, ways still remain for the Jab cultists to effectively pressure the unvaccinated. This would be Part Three, and it will be squeezed for whatever juice it still has left.

Make no mistake, freedom to travel is an ace in the hole for the credentialed regime, and one it is highly loathe to give up:

Wanderlust can be a powerful motivator in people’s decision to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a new study from Washington State University says…

The Feb. 25 report from WSU continues:

“Many people consider travel an essential part of their lifestyle and a contributor to their sense of well-being,” said Dogan Gursoy, Taco Bell Distinguished Professor in Hospitality Business Management at the WSU Carson College of Business. “They’ll weigh the value of travel experiences they might miss by not being vaccinated against the vaccines’ possible risks.”

Even if they think COVID-19 vaccines pose risks, they still may be willing to get vaccinated, he said.

Yes, the Taco Bell Distinguished Professor is gushing that although Americans believe it may negatively affect their health, they can still be pressured to get the Jab in order to be treated like free citizens when they travel.

This is repulsive:

Even among 266 survey respondents who previously said they wouldn’t get vaccinated, a strong travel desire moderated vaccine hesitancy when paired with messages about the vaccines’ safety and what individuals could lose by not getting vaccinated against COVID-19. The loss-based messages emphasized the risks of not taking protective action, including spreading the virus to loved ones.

These are the people who want you to forget just how despicable their actions have been over the past two years.

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