Here is Jovan Pulitzer’s election fraud investigation report (the U.S. Congress was not interested)

by WorldTribune Staff, January 13, 2021

Pattern recognition specialist Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has released his report on election fraud and foreign interference in the 2020 election which concludes that by “eliminating the counterfeit mail-in and absentee ballots,” President Donald Trump “almost certainly wins.”

Jovan Pulitzer speaking at a public hearing on the Nov. 3 election in Georgia.

Additionally, Pulitzer said, several U.S. Senate, U.S. House and state, and local races “now turn to Republican.”

Domestic voter fraud occurred in eight states, according to Pulitzer’s report. “That included cases of double voters, dead voters, out of state and out of county voters, non-citizen or felon voters, fake ballots/ballot stuffing, and other illegal ballots (violation of state law.”

The eight states are Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Pulitzer also noted that “65 foreign countries participated in attacking 7 key states and over 600 county polling locations. This is vetted and factual.”

Pulitzer included charts on what he called “vote injections” for Joe Biden in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia.

“When you first disqualify all the counterfeit ballots and then count all the remaining legal paper ballots nationwide, you restore confidence in the election outcome,” Pulitzer said.

“This remedies the problem quickly and easily by: Eliminating counterfeit ballots and subtracting them from current totals to see if races change, or recounting remaining, legal ballots by hand to see who wins races. Either way, we quickly and easily find out who the elected leaders REALLY ARE and restore confidence in the outcome.”

Electronic voting machines “shifted votes from Trump to Biden,” Pulitzer said, adding “the election fraud perpetrated used the major brands of machines Dominion and ES&S.”

Foreign actors, Pulitzer said, “had to shift votes across the country in all areas in order to achieve their objective (Biden victory). They had to shift votes in traditionally Republican strongholds in order to deliver a Biden win because they could jam no more into the major cities (fraud votes).”

Communist China “has leveraged financial, non-governmental and foreign allies including Venezuela to acquire influence and control U.S. voting infrastructure in at least 28 States,” Pulitzer said. “Critical Infrastructure control is utilized as part of an ongoing globalist/socialist operation to subvert the will of United States voters and install a China ally.”

Pulitzer cited specific evidence:

“On Dec 5, the ASOG forensics team examined the electronic voting systems” in Michigan’s Antrim County “and observed overlapping subversions which led to their exposure,” Pulitzer said.

• Antrim election night vote percentages: Trump 36% and Biden 63%
• Some votes removed, some shifted, some under voted
• Nov 3: Trump ballots, 2,012 votes withheld and vote shifting Trump to Biden, extreme under voting (16,047 total votes)
• Nov 5: Trump ballots, 2,012 votes added in and vote shifting Trump to Biden, moderate under voting (18,059 total votes)
• Nov 21: Vote shifting & under voting removed, 2,015 Trump ballots destroyed (16,044 total votes)
• Certified result, Trump wins: 61% to 37%
• Real result: 65%/33% when including destroyed ballots

Pulitzer also cited New Mexico’s Bernalillo County and Georgia’s Ware County:

• Bernalillo County, New Mexico: vote swapping confirmed, 5 votes flipped from Trump to Biden & 6 votes from CD1 Republican to Democrat on a single machine (380 votes total)
• 9 ballots extra found on a separate (different) machine, 8 for Biden, 1 Trump, accidentally put the additional votes to the Republican CD-1 candidate not the Democrat

“On Dec. 15, 6 people (double blind: two teams of 3) confirmed the vote flip,” Pulitzer said. “The next day the same counting team was directed to review the same paper ballots from the same machines and all of the evidence of extra ballots and vote flipping had been removed. The counting team was not permitted cameras or any recording device to save the proof.”

• Ware County, Georgia shows 37% vote swing for single jammed tabulator
• 37 votes in Ware County were flipped from Trump to Biden (net of 74 votes out of 200 votes)

An “affidavit by Garland Favorito explains it,” Pulitzer said. “Ware County Elections Director Carlos Nelson confirmed the vote differential.”

Pulitzer included a table of projected vote totals counting all paper ballots.

“All the votes were counted already, but they were counted using electronic voting machines that swapped votes in favor of Biden,” Pulitzer said. “The truth is in the ballot box right now, we just need to count each legal paper ballot without using any Dominion or ES&S machines.”

To restore confidence in the 2020 election, Pulitzer said “a full check to weed out counterfeit paper ballots and then a count of the remaining legal ones across the nation must be done for all races in all states and will accurately determine who the people of America actually elected as our leaders.”

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All ballots “must remain locked and physically protected until directed by the federal government,” Pulitzer said. “A task force led by a trustworthy individual produce a standard procedure that will be required and will include full accountability so that counterfeit ballots are excluded and legal ballots are not lost, modified, substituted, or added in.”

Pulitzer estimated the counting can be done in each state in 5 to 10 days time “with support from identified national assets.”

“It must be done in full public view (via web broadcast) where each person has the chance to do the count themselves if they so desire,” Pulitzer said. “No more hiding behind barriers, distances, secrecy, and gag orders. We have the technology to do this. The paper ballots are secret ballots which means you cannot tell who voted it. Counterfeit ballots can easily and quickly be identified using technology similar to that used by Treasury to find counterfeit currency. Illegal paper stock, ballots filled out by a machine, mail-in ballots that never went through the mail, ballots printed and marked with the same ink can all be identified and rejected. Every legal paper ballot will have a camera pointed at it and will be captured for a few seconds. It will be recorded and be broadcast in real time on the Internet.”

View Pulitzer’s entire report here

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