Here comes ‘environmental justice’ and the American Climate Corps, paid for by U.S. taxpayers

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, September 20, 2023

Joe Biden (or whichever of his handlers calls the shots on climate change) issued an executive order on Wednesday to establish the American Climate Corps of more than 20,000 foot soldiers who will work on “environmental justice” projects at taxpayer expense.

The formation of the corps comes shortly after two leftist lawmakers, Democrat Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts and socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, fired off a letter alongside dozens of fellow Democratic lawmakers to Old Joe calling for the immediate establishment of a climate corps.

Joe Biden is dipping into taxpayer coffers to pay for 20,000 foot soldiers and the American Climate Corps.

“As members of Congress who have led on various legislative proposals for Civilian Climate and Conservation Corps, we support your administration in taking executive action and will continue to fight for additional resources from Congress,” Markey and AOC wrote.

The American Climate Corps was also pushed by the Sunrise Movement.

Remember them?

The Sunrise Movement is part of a leftist climate cabal who actually believe they can persuade the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which puts the party above all else, including climate change, to join the climate crusade.

Meanwhile, regardless of hot air from across the Pacific, Communist China continues to open on average two large coal-fired power plants every week, according to reports by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) and the Global Energy Monitor (GEM).

Team Biden’s new program, as do all of its old programs, includes a major focus on equity because everyone knows global warming is racist.

Biden has called on private sector companies, local-level governments, charities, nonprofits, labor unions, and other groups to create training partnerships to “shore up” the federal program.

The new corps, according to the Biden team, will support a wide range of jobs, including restoring coastal wetlands, forest management to help fight wildfires, and building out clean energy projects.

A Biden administration official told reporters on Tuesday that six agencies – the Department of Labor, Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Energy and AmeriCorps – will sign a memorandum of understanding establishing the new program, with AmeriCorps standing up a new “American Climate Corps hub” to support the initiative, building on investments from Team Biden’s infrastructure law and the Inflation Reduction Act aimed at “climate resilience and conservation.”

In addition, the White House announced that, in conjunction with the federal effort, five states — Arizona, Utah, Minnesota, North Carolina and Maryland — are moving forward with their own climate corps.

Those state groups will work with the American Climate Corps as “implementing collaborators to ensure young people across the country are serving their communities, while participating in paid opportunities and working on projects to tackle climate change.”

(Note: YouTube actually added a UN climate context label to the following.)

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