Hanson on the ungrateful: Mediocre, self-important and indebted

by WorldTribune Staff, January 2, 2022

The war on America’s past has escalated drastically in the past two years.

Writing for American Greatness, historian and columnist Victor Davis Hanson asked: “Where is the pantheon of woke heroes who will replace the toppled or defaced Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt?

‘Protesters’ in Portland / Getty Images

“Whose morality and achievement should instead be immortalized? Were the public and private lives of Che Guevara, Angela Davis, Malcolm X, Margaret Sanger, and Franklin D. Roosevelt without sin?”

The woke mob’s fixation on race is leading its charge to dismantle America’s past.

“In good Confederate fashion, we lump all individuals who look alike into inexact collectives of ‘white,’ ‘black,’ or ‘brown’ — often to stereotype the supposed evils of so-called white supremacy,” Davis wrote.

Hanson continued: “If prior generations were so toxic, why do we continue to take for granted the moral and material world they bequeathed to us, from the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to our airports, freeways, and power plants? Did we ever defeat anything comparable to the Axis powers or Soviet communism?

“Never in history has such a mediocre, but self-important and ungracious generation owed so much, and yet expressed so little gratitude, to its now dead forebears.”

What will future generations say about what the current generation has wrought?

That includes:

• 60 million abortions since Roe v. Wade, even as fetal viability outside the womb continued to progress to ever earlier ages.
• $30 trillion in national debt — much of it as borrowing for entitlements for ourselves.
• Record numbers of murders continue in 12 of the U.S.’s major cities. What is so civilized about defunding the police, endemic smash-and-grab thefts, and car-jackings?
• Standardized tests of student knowledge and achievement continue to decline, despite record investments in education.

“Our generation talks of infrastructure nonstop,” Hanson noted. “But when was the last time it built anything comparable to the Hoover Dam, the interstate highway system, or the California Water Project — much less sent a man back to the moon or beyond?”

Finally, Hanson wrote, “if America is so flawed and so irredeemable, why in fiscal year 2021 are nearly 2 million foreigners now crashing its borders— illegally, en masse, and intent on reaching a supposedly racist nation that is purportedly inferior to those they abandon?”

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