GREATEST HITS, 3 — ‘Virtually anything kills the virus’: Doctors reveal over-the-counter treatments for Covid

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by WorldTribune Staff, January 2, 2022

A Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) video showing how to make a simple over-the-counter nasal rinse and gargle has been gaining new attention since Dr. Peter McCullough, MD mentioned the treatment in a recent interview with Joe Rogan.

Dr. McCullough noted a study that found the treatment 92 percent effective against COVID-19. What’s more, President Donald Trump, it turns out was also right about bleach.

The FLCCC released this video on its website showing, Julia Child-style, how to mix the simple recipe that costs pennies and has been used with great effect in Bangladesh.

Dr. McCullough writes it can be done prophylactically twice a day, four times per day if a person is already exposed. After three days, 279 of 303 Covid-positive patients in the study, 92 percent, tested negative, Dr. McCullough told Rogan. By day seven, that number rose to over 97 percent. The patients received no other treatment or medication.

Dr. McCullough explained the simple treatment, which kills COVID-19 where it lives, in a now famous interview with podcaster and social influencer Joe Rogan (beginning at min 39:25; transcript available here).

Virtually anything kills the virus. Any disinfectant kills the virus. Iodine kills it on contact,” Dr. McCullough said.  “So, we use dilute betadine . . . over the counter. It’s a brown bottle. We use it to sterilize wounds in the ER. You can buy it at any pharmacy. Take two teaspoons and 6 oz of water. Take a nasal spray or a spring bulb and spray it up your nose to the back of your throat and spit it out. I’m sorry that’s gross for your audience. But you’ve got to get it up there and back. That adequately decontaminates the nose. Gargle with the rest of it. Spit it out. Finish up with some Scope or Listerine.”

He added that people can do this as a preventative “after you return from a day out with people, especially close contact in close rooms — I’m talking restrooms, small conference rooms. You have to be in contact with someone for about three hours, honestly, in a small room with no airflow to get in, or go into a loaded room like a public restroom, or tight places like small stores. The bottom line, that’s where you get it from.” 

Referring to former President Trump, Dr. McCullough continued:

And believe it or not, dentists in the American Dental Association guidelines use [for various viruses] sodium hypochlorite, that is essentially dilute bleach. It turns out it just takes a few drops of bleach in some household water — that’s for the mouth, we typically don’t use it in the nose or around the eyes.

But remember when President Trump mentioned bleach and everyone had a big horse laugh about that? . . . Someone was giving him the ADA recommendations for antiviral therapy for the mouth.

Dr. McCullough also reiterated the value of oral therapeutics that are being used around the world outside of the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

“Ivermectin is now first line in Japan,” where Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. reports they suffered only 6.5 percent the rate of death as in the U.S., at 139 deaths per million versus 2107 deaths per million reported in America.

It is “attributed to crushing the curves in Mexico, in Peru, absolutely crushed the curves in India. We have been in close communication with them. I use it every day in my practice,” he continued. “It is safe. It is effective. There’s been a Nobel prize awarded in 2015 for ivermectin. But HCQ I think worldwide is still the leading drug used to treat COVID-19 just because of its availability, its known dosing.”

He emphasized the importance of doctors using drugs in combination to fight the virus:

We know that because we carried out studies. We did one with Proctor, here in Dallas-Ft. Worth, where we demonstrated that even the early primordial protocols, before the monoclonal antibodies, when we used drugs in combination, were associated with 85% reductions in hospitalizations and deaths, compared with fair comparator groups. For death we used the tri-county area of DFW, age adjusted. And for hospitalization we used the Cleveland Clinic calculator, which is a very precise estimate of the risk of hospitalization.

Then simultaneously, Derwand and Zelenko showed that from the New York data and Didier from Marseilles, France. So, we have three different areas showing early, multi-drug therapy as an outpatient works substantially, and we have had a giant loss of life, a giant number, millions and millions of unnecessary hospitalizations.

I testified in the U.S. Senate, November 19th, 2020. I told Americans, under oath, that 50% of the lives at that time could have been saved — we were at about 250,000 deaths — based on what I knew. I then testified on March 10, 2021 in the Texas senate. Sworn testimony. I upped that to 85 percent of the deaths could have been avoided.

He also mentioned the drug Favipiravir approved in Japan, Russia, and four states in India, which he said is very similar to the new drug Molnupiravir.

The good news for 2022 is that with growing awareness of such simple, safe, effective, and inexpensive treatments, it looks like the New Year should be a much different one for the pandemic.

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