Government love: Team Biden extends commercial travel mask mandate through Jan. 18

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 18, 2021

If you thought you would have a chance to fly to visit relatives this Christmas without being forced to breathe in your own exhaled carbon dioxide for hours on end, think again.

The Biden administration has extended the federal mask mandate for all travelers on commercial flights, buses and trains through Jan. 18.

The mandate had been set to expire on Sept. 13. But the U.S. Transportation Security Administration on Aug. 17 officially announced the extension. “The purpose of TSA’s mask directive is to minimize the spread of COVID-19 on public transportation,” a statement declared.

And so it goes on. The burdens of an emotion-driven, paternalistic drive for social curbs in the ill-defined name of “health” continue to fall most heavily on regular Americans who cannot afford to charter private planes to whisk them into Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate a former president’s birthday.

There are those tied to the Biden administration who want to see this go on forever. Andy Slavitt, who served as a senior adviser on the White House coronavirus response team before stepping down in June, brazenly tweeted on Aug. 14 that Americans must move on from the “old normal” and embrace masking as part of a permanent new routine:

In other comments to be found on the same remarkable Twitter thread, Slavitt pondered how long the COVID-19 danger could last. “The virus & science will continue to have a long battle with a virus continually mutating for survival,” he wrote. “How long? We are still seeing mutations from the 1918 flu 103 years later.”

So much for those 2115 Thanksgiving plans.

Slavitt’s authoritarian “trust the experts” logic begs the obvious question: Why stop at masks?

With coercive mandatory coronavirus vaccine policies being developed by corporations, universities and even the U.S. military, it would appear inevitable that the table is being set to usher in a rigid “no jab, no fly” agenda on all commercial travelers inside the United States as well.

Our leftist neighbor to the North, Canada, is already rolling out just such a requirement on its citizenry. CTV News reported Aug. 13 (bold added):

The federal government intends to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory across the federal public service, and will require that all commercial air, interprovincial train and cruise ship passengers be fully vaccinated no later than October.

In a news conference on Friday, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc and Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said they expect Crown corporations and federally regulated agencies such as the Bank of Canada and Canada Post to follow suit.

 “After months and months of deploying these vaccines literally into millions of Canadian arms, we see how effective they are. We also see what other workplaces and other public service agencies around the world have done,” said LeBlanc. “It is very much a continuation of our government’s efforts to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to protect the health and safety of Canadians.”

“Whatever it takes for as long as it takes” to” protect” YOUR “health and safety.” It amounts to nothing short of a blank check for government to control every aspect of your life in perpetuity.

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