‘Got away’ terrorists? GOP lawmakers warn Democrats’ electoral strategy a national security threat

by WorldTribune Staff, June 20, 2022

House Republicans said Team Biden’s open border policies have created a major security lapse in which known terrorists are among the swarms of illegals attempting to enter the U.S. via its southern border.

Border Patrol agents reported that they apprehended 15 individuals in May who were on the FBI’s terrorist watch list, an all-time monthly record and equal to the total number apprehended the previous year.

Thousands of illegals are making it into the U.S. every month as border agents are overwhelmed with processing the flood of migrants, critics say.

It has been well established that thousands of illegals successfully make it into the U.S. as so called “got-aways” and Republicans said it is a major concern that terrorists could be among those who manage to avoid Border Patrol.

“While DHS has accounted for 50 individuals found on the terror watch list attempting to enter the country just this year, recent reports of the staggering number of known ‘got-aways’ would indicate that we cannot be certain exactly how many watch-listed individuals have entered the United States amidst the chaos at our southwest border,” New York Republican Rep. John Katko told The Washington Times.

Last month, federal prosecutors revealed they had caught an Iraqi man attempting to carry out an assassination attempt on former President George W. Bush. The man said he was planning to bring an ISIS hit squad into the country via the southern border.

Mark Morgan, Customs and Border Patrol chief during the Trump administration, said after the Iraq man’s arrest: “I’m concerned that the next terrorist attacker is already in the United States because of this administration’s open border policies,” citing the “legitimate national security vulnerability on our southern border.”

Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs said border agents are increasingly overwhelmed with processing the nearly quarter million illegals who are crossing monthly.

“You have probably 80,000 to 100,000 people coming into the country that we don’t interact with, we don’t we see them, we don’t stop them,” Biggs told Just the News. “And others we’ve never even seen, most of those people are the bad guys and bad ladies. They’re coming in camo they’ve got carpet shoes, they’ve got backpacks on. It is a huge security threat.”

“They’re getting in because our border patrol can’t even patrol the border because they’re so busy processing,” he said.

Illinois Republican Rep. Mary Miller said Team Biden “has advertised and facilitated this invasion. Some of these countries are emptying their jails and prisons and sending them up here. The cartels have totally taken control of our border.”

“Our national security is greatly compromised, with an open border and simply the unwillingness of the Biden administration to do anything about it, other than just continue to incentivize more and more of it,” Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin told Just the News.

Babin said Democrats seem willing to risk terrorism to allow more migrants to cross the border.

“Their whole strategy is to keep the border open and bring as many millions and millions of illegal aliens across, put them on a path to enfranchise them with a vote. And then they will have a perpetual majority,” he said. “This is what is happening. I think the American people are waking up and seeing that it’s true.”

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