Google warns WorldTribune on ‘Whistleblower’ article

Special to WorldTribune, January 16, 2019

On Jan. 16, one day after the U.S. House of Representatives delivered articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, Google issued a warning to and blocked advertising on an Oct. 31, 2019 article: ‘Pajama boy’ revealed: Limbaugh on the ‘whistleblower.

The so-called Trump-Ukraine “whistleblower” has been revealed and now “we can expose” him “and everything about him,” radio host Rush Limbaugh said.

“We know the whistleblower’s name. I told you yesterday we knew the whistleblower’s name,” Limbaugh said on his Oct. 31 broadcast.

“The guy was a plant in the White House by the CIA to do exactly what he did. We know his name. He’s one of a dime-a-dozen Yale or Harvard graduates, literally a 30-year-old Pajama Boy doing the bidding of John Brennan in the White House.”

Limbaugh continued: “This whistleblower… He’s not a whistleblower! This is another thing. This guy’s a leaker! He’s not a whistleblower! . . .

“The fact that Google wants to deprive us of the crumbs it gives us from ad revenue it derives on editorial content we generate is funny,” said WorldTribune publisher Robert Morton. “We have been advised that both Google search and Facebook have been suppressing the reach and audience share of WorldTribune content which raises an interesting question: Who made Silicon Valley the arbiter of freedom of the press in the United States of America?”