Gertz: U.S. intel officials charge ‘cover up’ of Iran’s terror role in Egypt, Libya, Syria

Weeks before the presidential election, President Barack Obama’s administration faces mounting opposition from within the ranks of U.S. intelligence agencies over what career officers say is a “cover up” of intelligence information about terrorism in North Africa.

U.S. President Barack Obama walks with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton past the flag-draped transfer case of one of four Americans who died this week in Libya, at Andrews Air Force Base on September 14. / Jason Reed / Reuters

Intelligence held back from senior officials and the public includes numerous classified reports revealing clear Iranian support for jihadists throughout the tumultuous North Africa and Middle East region, as well as notably widespread Al Qaida penetration into Egypt and Libya in the months before the deadly Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. …

The Iranian effort also seeks to take the international community’s spotlight off Iran’s support for its Syrian ally.

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