Georgia on my mind, months after an extremely popular Joe Biden was swept into office

Special to WorldTribune, June 30, 2022

Commentary by John Davidson

In 2018, the state of Georgia set up a Secure, Accessible & Fair Elections commission (SAFE) to study options for Georgia’s next voting system.

Around that time Stacy Abrams and her team at Fair Fight created campaigns on websites, social media and news outlets that implied Georgia officials were in-bed with ES&S.

‘The cybersecurity community – including computer scientists from premier universities and Fortune 10 companies, as well as the nonpartisan group, Verified Voting – has been clear that any method other than hand-marked paper ballots raises too many cybersecurity vulnerabilities.’

Ironically, Fair Fight did so much research on ES&S (Election Systems & Software) without ever acknowledging the potentially deeper connections Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp et al had with Dominion Voting Systems  lobbyists.

This page at Fair is a perfect example. It lists numerous officials linked to Gov. Brian Kemp with the title “Brian Kemp Web of Voter Suppression and ES&S Influence” to make sure readers knew Brian Kemp was linked to ES&S.

For intrepid readers who still believe in coincidence, more articles exist like this one from the New Yorker titled “How Voting-Machine Lobbyists Undermine the Democratic Process”, or this one from NYMag, with a headline of “Georgia Is Really Good at Making It Hard for Black People to Vote, Study Finds” seemed to be part of the campaign.

Clearly there was only one way of ensuring black voters could participate in Stacy Abrams democracy, and that required Dominion Voting Systems.

So began a 2019 smear campaign seemingly designed to terrify Republicans eager for black votes into choosing the Dominion Voting Systems. Simultaneously state officials began work on state laws and regulation changes with enhanced focus on issues like mail-in ballots — also in 2019.

What great foresight these planners had as mail-in ballots were absolutely crucial for Joe Biden’s allegedly overwhelming win over Donald J. Trump in 2020. If there had been no extended pandemic, mail-in ballots would have had far less impact. Because there was a pandemic, election observers were forced to be so far away they would be unable to effectively monitor potential fraud.

Conspiracy theorists would probably say Georgia planners knew the country would endure a devastating pandemic requiring extensive use of mail-in ballots and limited oversight at the polls. These same warped minds would probably also be confused that Joe Biden received nearly 13 million more votes than former President Barack Obama.

Clearly, Joe Biden is beloved by the American people far more than they ever loved Obama, and the 2020 vote is evidence of that love. Joe Biden was more efficient at campaigning, received more votes, and is superior to Barack Obama in every way. Based on the sheer volume of votes, the science is settled.

On Nov. 8, 2020, just days after the election, Joe Biden was anointed President by CNN and it’s then-owner AT&T. Coincidentally, two days earlier on Nov. 6 2020, William Kennard became chairman of the AT&T Board. Kennard had previously served from 2009-2013 under the less popular President Barack Obama as Ambassador to the European Union. Obviously, even President Obama’s former staff recognized how much Americans love Joe Biden.

Now, again, some conspiracy theorists might argue that William Kennard was also an Executive Board Member of Staple Street Capital and worked for the Carlyle Group. Why would this matter to conspiracy theorists? Because on July 13, 2018, Dominion Voting was acquired by US Dominion, Inc. US Dominion, Inc.’s ownership is comprised of Staple Street Capital Management L.P. (“SSC”), which owns a controlling interest, as well as the Dominion Voting Systems Inc. management team.

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But really, there’s no need to rehash the fact that CNN’s boss was connected to Stacy Abrams preferred voting systems company and an inferior, weaker, less politically relevant former president. If you do want more information on that baseless, debunkable theory, don’t ask anyone at CNN as they’re all getting ready to be fired by their new boss at Discovery, America’s highest paid CEO David Zaslav. Rumor has it David wants to put journalists in CNN. Perhaps these new journalists will look into curious executive stock sales that went down just before Discovery stock sank on March 23, 2021. A stock collapse that conveniently facilitated a a tax-free merger between Discovery and the Warner Media spinoff from A&T. Quiet, you conspiracy theorists!

I digress.

Remember the Georgia SAFE committee? Its members sidelined the only actual security representative on the commission, a Professor from Taiwan named Wenke Lee, PhD. After the decision was made to choose the less secure Dominion Voting Systems over ES&S, Dr. Lee wrote this article on LinkedIn condemning their decision.

The cybersecurity community – including computer scientists from premier universities and Fortune 10 companies, as well as the nonpartisan group, Verified Voting – has been clear that any method other than hand-marked paper ballots raises too many cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Numerous studies by nonpartisan, academic and scientific organizations conclude that risks to election systems are real and concerns about nation-state threats are valid. No system is ever fully cybersecure, and many will argue that only zero risk is acceptable to election integrity.

The public, too, has been clear. Citizens expressed a nearly unanimous point of view to SAFE Commissioners, which was a plea that lawmakers follow the guidance from cyber experts and embrace hand-marked paper ballots. If the state Legislature chooses another option, it owes the public a thorough explanation of why – a point I twice expressed to the Commission.

In 2021 I spoke with a Georgia county director of elections who asked not to be named. He stated that his team was not able to signature match votes, was not allowed to see photo ID, and in order to confirm someone died he had to use an unofficial obituary service. What a fantastic opportunity for fraud. One could ask why the social security administration doesn’t provide their master death file to the public for verification of death, but people might start asking why the SSA resurrected 4 million people from the dead in 2011, and we wouldn’t want that now would we?

Just remember, this was a safe and secure election. . . . There’s absolutely nothing to investigate in Georgia.

Why would anyone want to confirm voter identity? Here’s an example. According to (which is now offline), in November of 2020 a man whose last name was Arbery voted in Glynn county, GA. Mr Arbery’s address is listed as 1101 Gloucester St., Brunswick GA. This address is home to Faithworks Ministry and this particular location is called “The Well”. According to their website, “The Well is a hospitality center for people who are currently homeless, providing resources such as a shower, laundry room, phone, internet access, and address for correspondence.”

This is a noble cause. Curiously, “The Well” also has 91 other registered voters on the Glynn County voter rolls, with 60 active voters and limited information on when, if ever, most of them last voted.

With control of 60 votes you could swing a district. And these facilities are everywhere.

Mr. Arbery Sr. is listed in an obituary from 2005 in The Brunswick News. One can only assume this is Mr. Arbery Junior, but when our very own FEMA asks us to falsify death records as was done to Ernesto Ramirez Sr. by his account when his son died from the Pfizer vaccine, we have to ask harder questions of our government and we have to verify data.

Which is exactly what I did when I requested and purchased the voter rolls from the state of Georgia in the fall of 2021. Sadly, despite multiple requests over email and phone, Brad Raffensberger’s Secretary of State office failed to deliver — but happily took my money.

Surprisingly the way we obtained a majority of voter records in GA wasn’t from the official purchase, it came from searching publicly available Amazon buckets. You see, Easyvote, a company that manages voting systems for many counties in GA, accidentally? left a massive number of voter records for multiple states online for anyone to download, free. A mistake that exposed personal addresses of a significant portion of the state’s citizenry. What’s worse is this had all been done before.

Just remember, this was a safe and secure election.

There’s absolutely nothing to investigate in Georgia.

Conclusively, Joe Biden is the real reason people voted for Obama, a lesser president of the past.

Perhaps all those 2000 Mules and the Abrams non-profits were just helping homeless people vote?

John Davidson is a former CNN journalist (back when that meant something), Executive Producer and host of

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