Georgia Gov. Kemp confirms list of 36 problems with 2020 election

by WorldTribune Staff, December 3, 2021

Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp issued a letter last month which validated a concerned voter’s list of problems with the 2020 general election.

In fact, all 36 specific problems which were raised by Georgia voter Joseph Rossi were confirmed by Kemp, who referred the findings to the Georgia State Election Board for investigation, Kevin Moncla noted in a Dec. 1 report for UncoverDC.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

Kemp’s acknowledgment of the list of election irregularities renders the Fulton County hand-count “audit,” and therefore the entire state vote count, unreliable, analysts say.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had earlier dismissed Rossi’s findings.

“In the end, Mr. Rossi’s findings, which the Georgia Secretary of State’s office ignored, attempted to diminish and then summarily dismissed, were investigated and confirmed by the office of the Governor,” Moncla wrote.

“This bears repeating. The same exact list of 36 allegations excused and rejected by the Secretary of State, were investigated and confirmed by the Georgia Governor’s office.”

Kemp’s confirmation of Rossi’s findings “further discredits the Secretary of State’s office and renders the results of the hand count unreliable. Because the hand-count results have been used as the reason to dismiss all other challenges, those problems are now more relevant and important to resolve than ever before. Such as those raised by VoterGA, which include thousands of duplicate ballot images and the tens of thousands of missing ballot images,” Moncla noted.

VoterGA is an election integrity organization led by Garland Favorito. Some of the now-validated Rossi findings were separately and independently discovered by VoterGA.

Rossi, a recently retired executive who worked for Frito Lay and Pepsi, began investigating the Georgia election results in January and quickly turned his focus to the hand-count “audit.” More specifically, Rossi focused on batch tally sheets, which are a form that details the votes counted for each candidate in the corresponding batch (usually 100) of ballots.

“In other words,” Moncla noted, “those performing the count would take 100 ballots and count the number of votes for Trump and the number of votes for Biden, etc. and mark the count for each on the tally sheet. These tally sheets would then be totaled to produce the results.”

With the help of an interested friend and local attorney, Rossi counted the tally sheets for Fulton County. They found thousands to be missing, representing approximately 275,000 votes (half of the total).

“If the most populated county in Georgia yields results from a hand-count that are wildly incorrect, then obviously, the results of the state will also be incorrect,” Moncla noted. “By the Secretary of State’s own admission, Fulton County has a long history of election problems, which leaves no excuse for them to blindly accept Fulton’s hand-count results without even as much as the most basic check.”

The state election board has announced it will follow Kemp’s recommendation and perform an investigation.

(Read Kemp’s letter to the election board here.)

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