Geert Wilders: Only solution is to ‘de-Islamize the West’

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Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Party For Freedom (PVV) said the March 22 terror attacks in Brussels are likely just the beginning.

“I fear that we ain’t seen nothing yet,” Wilders told Breitbart London.

Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders

“The cause of all this bloodshed is Islam. We need to de-Islamize the West. That is the only way to safeguard our lives and protect our freedom,” Wilders said.

Wilders said that, according to Europol, some 3,000 to 5,000 European jihadists who traveled to Syria to fight for Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) and other terror groups, have returned to Western Europe, many of them hidden “among the hundreds of thousands of Islamic asylum seekers that entered Europe from Asia and Africa.”

“Two of last November’s terrorists in Paris had fought in Syria. So had the terrorist who, last August, attempted to attack the high speed train between Amsterdam and Paris. So had the two terrorists who, in January 2015, massacred the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo. So had the terrorist who, in May 2014, shot four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels,” Wilders said.

According to Belgian police, at least 90 jihadists have returned from the battlefields in Syria to the Molenbeek section of Brussels. European Commission insider Hermann Kelly told Breitbart Radio on March 23 that he was shocked that so many jihadists lived just miles from the political capital of the European Union.

“This is amazing to me that these people can kill people abroad, come here, and then walk free in the center of Brussels,” Kelly said.

“Returned Syria fighters are a huge threat,” added Wilders. “They are dangerous predators roaming our streets. It is absolutely unbelievable that our governments allow them to return. And it is incredible that, once returned, they are not imprisoned.

“In the Netherlands, we have dozens of these returned jihadists. Our government allows most of them to freely walk our streets and refuses to lock them up. I demand that they be detained at once. Every government in the West, which refuses to do so, is a moral accessory if one of these monsters commits an atrocity.

“The government must also close our national borders. The European Union’s Schengen zone, where no border controls are allowed, is a catastrophe. The Belgian Moroccan Salah Abdeslam, the mastermind of last November’s bloodbath in Paris, traveled freely from Belgium to the Netherlands on multiple occasions last year.

“This is intolerable. Open borders are a huge safety risk. Our citizens are in mortal danger if we do not restore control over our own national borders.”