Feds’ fear-mongering on hydroxychloroquine? Documentary tracks ‘unholy’ Covid response

by WorldTribune Staff, February 20, 2024

The new documentary “Epidemic of Fraud” focuses primarily on hydroxychloroquine and the scandals surrounding questionable clinical trials for the Covid injections.

“These clinical trials and accompanying negative media coverage were used to frighten the public away from a class of ancient medications based on quinine. Restriction of access to quinine was involved in many major American wars in the last 250 years. The film also documents the key players at the FDA and BARDA behind the fear-mongering of hydroxychloroquine and the role that pharma cash plays in political campaigns and news organizations like CNN,” said Broken Truth, which will broadcast the documentary made by the non-profit Magic Feathers Corp. beginning on Thursday.

John Davidson, former CNN editor and 20-year Hollywood veteran, directed the film which BrokenTruth says provides an in-depth look at corruption in the clinical trial system, censorship of respected medical doctors, and politically charged federal agencies that were more interested in funding experimental medical research rather than combating and ending the pandemic early.

“I’ve interviewed doctors, nurses, vaccine injured, malpractice survivors and even interacted with heads of the FDA. And my work has been repeatedly censored,” Davidson said. “What I found is an unholy alliance of public, private, and political groups that seem hell-bent on turning all of us into lab rats.”

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“So many stories about the last four years need to be told. We trusted these people and these agencies to do the right thing during what we thought was a national emergency, and they let us down. I knew the news had gone downhill but had no idea how bad it had become.” Davidson added. “Perhaps this will become a larger series of films or a series, but that depends on if the public is ready to hear the truth and support our work.”

“Epidemic of Fraud” currently is scheduled for online release Thursday at 8 p.m. ET, exclusively for BrokenTruth.com mailing list subscribers. Viewers can register at BrokenTruth.com or EpidemicOfFraud.com and will be emailed a link and passcode as soon as the film is released.

The film is also being submitted to film festivals across the United States.

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