FBI site targets Trump supporters, ignores spike in real terrorists crossing open borders

Special to WorldTribune.com, March 26, 2023

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer

It was inevitable that America’s border crisis would spawn an alarming rise in the rate of apprehensions of foreigners listed on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database.

The numbers are in, and they’re frightening.

According to a Center Square report on March 22:

“This fiscal year through February, 70 [Known or Suspected Terrorists] were apprehended between ports of entry at the southern (69) and northern (1) borders, according to the data. During the same timeframe, agents apprehended 214 KSTs at ports of entry: 176 at the northern border and 38 at the southern border. Combined, fiscal 2023 through February, agents apprehended 284 KSTs – with the majority apprehended at the northern border.”

“In just five months, agents apprehended nearly as many KSTs as they did at northern border ports of entry in fiscal 2022 – 313 – up from 54 KSTs apprehended at them in fiscal 2021,” the news site observed.

It should be all the more infuriating for Americans, then, that the FBI Terrorist Screening Center is obsessed with something else, a purely partisan phantasm that marks Donald Trump supporters as domestic terrorist threats.

A visit to the FBI’s TSC page and a click on “Terrorism News” items reveals the following headlines in just the past few days:

• Michigan Man Sentenced on Felony Charge for Actions During January 6 Capitol Breach
• Texas Man Pleads Guilty to Felony Charge for Actions During January 6 Capitol Breach
• Virginia Man Sentenced for Assaulting Officers During January 6 Capitol Breach
• Six Additional Oath Keepers Members and Affiliates Found Guilty of Charges Related to Capitol Breach

Of 21 articles listed for the month of March as of March 22, a whopping 18 feature prosecutions pursued against those who participated in the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

Clips of some 41,000 hours of previously unseen footage from the US Capitol that day were aired earlier in March by Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The video clearly indicates that the establishment narrative, including lurid claims that Officer Brian Sicknick was “murdered” by Trump supporters, is grossly incorrect.

But there may be murder victims from the Jan. 6 hysteria who will never be recognized. Tragically, they will be the innocent American citizens slaughtered by terrorist illegal aliens roaming the nation’s interior while the FBI plays its political weaponization of government games.

A spike in known or suspected terrorist attempts to make their way into the nation’s interior from the north is especially concerning when one realizes the constraints put on border officials there due to the needed emphasis on the catastrophe to the south.

“The northern border is the longest international border in the world, spanning 5,525 miles,” the Center Square noted. “Fourteen states share the U.S.-Canada border; 13 to Canada’s south and Alaska to its west. Four states share 1,954 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border, with Texas sharing the most of 1,254 miles.”

The Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli points out that the rise in KST encounters in the south is overwhelmingly due to the increase in “migrants” from Central American nations.

“CBP data going back to 2007 show that Mexicans made up 90% of all arrests that year. By 2019, immigrants from the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras made up more than 70% of all arrests,” Giaritelli writes. “Last year, immigrants from countries outside Mexico and the Northern Triangle made up 1.1 million of the total 3.4 million apprehensions, or 32%, according to CBP data.”

In other words, the ever-increasing global scale of illegal immigration is forcing Americans to face the escalated specter of terrorist illegal aliens traipsing into their communities.

Northern Triangle KSTs usually involve violent communist guerrillas. But the threat of extremist Muslim terror is also greatly expanded by the sophisticated “global migration” trafficking lanes seen all over the world today.

In December, five illegal aliens from the remote nation of Georgia were apprehended on a speed boat outside Miami. They had launched the boat from the Bahamas.

If illegal aliens from the Caucasus Mountains can make it all the way to the Sunshine State, who can’t?

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