Fauci strikes back at RFK, Jr. and recommends uninviting the unvaccinated for Christmas

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 22, 2021

Team Biden Covid czar Anthony Fauci continues to call for “consequences” for those who exercise their First Amendment right to criticize him.

It may be the Christmas season of good will, but Fauci also has not stopped trampling on Americans’ First Amendment right of assembly, even recommending that vaccinated individuals uninvite unvaccinated family and friends to celebrate the holidays.

In an interview with Yahoo News, Fauci said criticism such as that from “The Real Anthony Fauci” author Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or Fox News host Jesse Watters should not “go unchecked.”

“It even gets accelerated when you have the inflammatory statements that are made, [by] people like RFK Jr. and some of the Fox media personalities,” Fauci said, adding that he finds it “strange that they go unchecked with no consequences for people to say that.”

Kennedy said that Fauci’s Covid policies “spawned new insidious authoritarianism — and propelled America down a slippery slope toward a grim future as a dark totalitarian security and surveillance state.”

Fauci said of Kennedy: “It’s very unfortunate because I don’t think he is inherently malicious. I just think he’s a very disturbed individual.”

Kennedy responded in a statement to Yahoo News, calling out Fauci for “catastrophic mismanagement” of the pandemic and accusing him of “adopting a militarized response to a public health crisis.” He added: “Dr. Fauci’s belief that, as a government official, he should be immune from criticism is contrary to our nation’s democratic traditions.”

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Watters encouraged attendees at Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest conference to “ambush” Fauci with questions about the National Institutes of Health’s funding of “gain-of-function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

“Now you go in for the kill shot,” Watters said. “The kill shot? With an ambush? Deadly. Because he doesn’t see it coming.”

For that First Amendment outburst, Fauci called on Fox News to fire Watters “on the spot.”

“That’s awful that he said that. And he’s going to go, very likely, unaccountable,” Fauci told CNN of Watters’ remarks. “I mean, whatever network he’s on is not going to do anything for him. I mean, that’s crazy. The guy should be fired on the spot.”

Meanwhile, Fauci, has urged Americans to disinvite unvaccinated people from Christmas gatherings amid the fast-spreading but milder Omicron variant.

“We’re dealing with a serious enough situation now that if there’s an unvaccinated person, I would say, ‘I’m very sorry, but not this time. Maybe another time when this is all over,” Fauci said in an interview with MSNBC.

More signs continue to emerge that Omicron appears to cause less severe illness than prior variants, with a South African study suggesting the risk of hospitalization is 80 percent lower with the variant.

The UK Health Security Agency say most people are likely to have a mild illness with less serious symptoms.

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