Even leftist reporters admit Fetterman’s debate performance was a disaster

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, October 26, 2022

Why did the Democrat Party ever allow Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman to leave the basement?

The strategy worked well for feeble old Joe Biden, so why not keep stroke-sufferer Fetterman out of the public eye?

During Tuesday’s debate with Republican candidate Mehmet Oz, Time’s Charlotte Alter tweeted: “This is a disaster for Fetterman.” She followed it up by stating: “I spoke to Fetterman recently, and I expected him to be very bad tonight. But he was much much worse than I expected (and much worse than in our one-on-one conversation)” and “My take all in one place: 1) Fetterman was already a very bad debater pre-stroke 2) I spoke to him recently, and his communication in our one-on-one conversation was much clearer than what we saw tonight.”

The Hill’s Al Weaver noted: “Democrats are asking the same thing post-debate: Why did Fetterman’s team allow him to take the stage tonight? No one I’m talking to on the left has a good thing to say about what just took place.”

Even MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough couldn’t find a way to defend the Democrat candidate: “John Fetterman’s ability to communicate is seriously impaired. Pennsylvania voters will be talking about this obvious fact even if many in the media will not.”

Axios noted that Fetterman “agreed to debate when he clearly wasn’t ready. Fetterman struggled at times to respond to the moderators’ questions, even with the assistance of a closed captioning device.”

“Why the hell did Fetterman agree to this?” one Democrat lawmaker and Fetterman backer told Axios. “This will obviously raise more questions than answers about John’s health.”

A CBS News/YouGov poll conducted before the debate found that 46% of respondents believe it’s important for candidates to address Fetterman’s health.

Fetterman’s Hindenburg moment had an immediate effect on the betting odds in the Pennyslvania race, with the betting markets showing that, within an hour, a nearly dead even race saw Oz become a massive favorite.

Check out the chart posted Tuesday evening by PredictIt Betfair:

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