Editor’s Line: In the words of Ed Koch, ‘How’m I doing?’

by WorldTribune Editor’s Line, March 24, 2022

The late Ed Koch was mayor of New York City from Jan. 1, 1978 – Dec. 31, 1989

Back in the days when the spirit of New York City transcended its Democrat political class, there was a mayor by the name of Ed Koch who treated all journalists with respect, including those from the conservative New York Tribune of which I was editor. He even accepted my invitation to write a weekly column which led to a prolific side hustle of his and a book, ‘How’m I doing’. The title came from his constant question to all whom he met on hs daily forays into the streets of his beloved city. In fact, my column invitation was prompted by that very question which I answered by telling him that one of our socially conservative Jewish columnists did not like him very much at all. “Betty,” he sighed. “She hates me.”

Like the mayor, we would love to hear from our readers. We have had to turn off the comments on articles because we kept getting blitzed by bots and other cyber assaults. The comments feature on Facebook, which like Google is doing its damnedest to keep our stories from going viral which before 2021 they did with regularity, is also not an option for the same reason.

However, comments and letters to the editor by more traditional means are welcomed. By all means drop us a line.

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