Dr. Zelenko slams Covid vaccinations of school children as ‘worst crime in human history’

by WorldTribune Staff, August 19, 2021

As students return to the classroom in much of the nation, the Left and its media allies have increased their calls for mandated Covid vaccination for children.

A Boston Glove editorial blared: “For a safe return to school, children must be vaccinated”.

A Bloomberg Businessweek report reached for the panic button: “Covid Can Make Kids Very Sick. Why Aren’t More Being Vaccinated?”

WTVR in Richmond, Virginia reported: “With approval imminent, state discusses plan to vaccinate children at school”.

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New York family medicine physician Dr. Vladimir Zelenko called the rush to inject children with what remain as experimental Covid vaccines “the worst crime in human history.”

Zelenko noted in a staccato post on Telegram:

This is a conspiracy (not theory) to sacrifice children.

A portion will die.

A portion will be permanently disabled.

A portion will become infertile.

I postulate that the lifespan of those little victims that survive will be reduced by 30 years because of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Children survive covid at a near 100% without treatment.


What do you think should be done with policy makers, physicians, and media that advocate for mass murder and maiming of innocent children?

Do you think that this a form of child sacrifice to their false gods?

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