Dr. Zelenko: Government knows Covid end is near, about to ‘go full totalitarian’

by WorldTribune Staff, December 22, 2021

New York family medicine physician Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is warning that “tyrants” in government know that the end of Covid “is coming” and are now “going to go full totalitarian.”

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Zelenko said in a Dec. 20 video posted to social media that the “suppression” of his voice and “voices like me” is an “assassination attempt on the truth.”

In August, Zelenko called for those who he says prevented treatment that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives to be held accountable.

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“We need civil disobedience,” Zelenko said in the Dec. 20 video. “We need to say ‘no’ to the demented puppet in the White House. The freedom of our children depends on what we do right now.”

Big Media, Big Tech and those government Covid “tyrants” have been out to get Zelenko since last year when he reported overwhelming success in treating Covid patients with a protocol featuring hydroxychloroquine.

Using hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate, plus Z Pak antibiotic, the New York doctor reported a success rate of 100 percent for low-risk patients and 99.3 percent for high-risk patients. He named it “the Zelenko Protocol” and said it is the synergy that works. Without zinc and Z Pak, hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work as effectively, he said.

Also on Dec. 20, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and other officials were heckled during the announcement of new Covid-19 protocols and restrictions. Boston is requiring full vaccination for entry to restaurants, gyms, and sports arenas for anyone 12 and older. In March the mandate will phase-in for younger children.

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