DOJ blinks at corruption by Podesta brothers, Biden network; Obama’s Amb. to China denies role

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 23, 2022

Does America indeed have a two-tiered justice system?

Consider the following four names and how they were treated by the Department of Justice: Tony Podesta. Hunter Biden. Paul Manafort. Michael Flynn.

Tony Podesta

Podesta, brother of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman John Podesta, worked for years as a foreign lobbyist (including lobbying with Manafort in Ukraine). Podesta was granted immunity by special counsel Robert Mueller in the Trump-Russia investigation.

To sum up, Mueller gave Democrat Tony Podesta immunity and put Republican Paul Manafort in solitary confinement.

Podesta also did lobbying work in Turkey as did Gen. Michael Flynn. As The Gateway Pundit noted, the DOJ allowed Podesta to skate while Flynn had his life ripped apart.

Speaking of being on the right side of the DOJ, Tony Podesta has earned at least $1 million to lobby the White House on behalf of Huawei, a Chinese technology and telecommunications company blacklisted under the Trump administration, The Daily Caller noted in a Jan. 21 report.

The report noted: “Podesta, brother of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman John Podesta, received $500,000 from Huawei to lobby the Executive Office of the President between October and December of 2021, according to lobbying disclosures filed late Thursday. Huawei first hired Podesta in July 2021 and paid the long-time Democrat operative $500,000 to lobby the White House from July to September 2021.”

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And then there is Hunter Biden.

Emails and memos obtained by JustTheNews show just how far-reaching Hunter Biden’s efforts to cash in on Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency went. Those efforts included proposals to build a SeaWorld theme park in China and to get the communists in Beijing to invest in an NBA arena in America, Just the News reported.

The documents show that deals also involved a Chinese state-owned bank, former Obama ambassador to China Gary Locke and one of then-Vice President Joe Biden’s closest aides, his former body man Francis “Fran” Person, the report said.

JustTheNews reached out to Locke, Person, and Hunter Biden’s attorney for comment. Locke was the only person to respond, saying: “I have never pitched, nor have I been involved in or aware of any pitches to, Hunter Biden on any business deals or transactions by any group.”

In an October analysis for Modern Diplomacy, Rich Berdan noted:

The Russian collusion narrative against then President Donald Trump may seem dated, however it can never be swept aside or forgotten in what may well have been the biggest political scandal and injustice to a man in American history. The country endured four years investigating Russian collusion into the legitimacy of Trump’s 2016 presidential win with senate and congressional impeachment hearings over a Clinton-paid-for fake dossier, the biased Obama hatchet men overseeing the FBI and CIA shirking the law, a frenzied media that never let up on Trump’s guilt, and a special counsel comprised of Clinton partisans that turned over every leaf that eventually found the nearly crucified Trump to be innocent of the false charges. The former president had to withstand an incessant blitzkrieg of injustice through his entire presidency while leading the most powerful country in the world.

On the hand, there is compelling evidence that President Joe Biden spent years while in government enriching himself through family ties, specifically his son Hunter, to the tune of millions of dollars in foreign money from China, Russia, and Ukraine. The foreign players simply used the unqualified son to leverage access to Biden while satisfying Hunter’s greed and questionable lifestyle. Biden has little to no ability to stand up to China or Russia knowing they are holding damaging transactions over his head. There have been no investigations into Biden’s quid-pro-quo against Ukraine or the transfer of tens of millions of dollars to Biden family members, no impeachments, and the news media buried these stories; including damaging information found on Hunter’s laptop during the 2020 presidential election. Had Trump and his sons engaged in these activities, there would have been a very different level of justice.

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