Documents: Canada-Soros refugee partnership meant to be hidden from citizenry

by WorldTribune Staff, January 24, 2022 247 Real News

A document trove obtained by Canadian news outlet Rebel News reveals how notorious nation meddler progressive globalist billionaire George Soros partnered with Canada’s government to facilitate the importation of Third World refugees into The Great White North. What’s more, the special relationship was specifically designed to be a role model for other Western nations to follow. Which in fact is happening, with one of those nations being… well, you know.

Rebel News reported Jan. 22:

After three years, a handful of appeals, and a ruling from the information commissioner against the Immigration Ministry for withholding the documents and lying about their existence, Rebel News is finally able to report on 28 pages of department briefing notes and emails that detail the partnership between the Canadian government and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation[s].

George Soros and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau / Twitter

Rebel News explains how the Soros-Canada refugee partnership worked, and how its internationalist nature was meant to be concealed from the Canadian people:

The partnership was signed in 2016 and Rebel News started an access to information investigation for documents related to the billionaire-backed scheme to increase immigration to Canada in 2018. What followed was three years of back and forth with the Immigration Ministry (IRCC) which claimed no documents existed. Until they didn’t.

Documents were located and found suddenly, in advance of a negative finding against the government by the federal info commissioner.

Though it was sold as non-binding by the Liberal government when they adopted the United Nations program, the exclusive emails note the “implementation phase” of the Global Compact for Migration. The compact puts new emphasis on orderly climate and economic migration.

One of the most striking elements of the documents is reference to a concerted propaganda effort aimed at the country being invaded:

Objectives of the Soros partnership include a marketing campaign to “Improve the narrative about refugees and other newcomers.”

The emails included images of former minister John McCallum with Soros and bragged about the success of the program:

“Twenty months into the Initiative, the GRSI (the global resettlement sponsorship initiative) has achieved or is on track to achieve its objectives of increasing protection spaces, creating welcoming communities and changing the narrative about refugees.”

It is rather jarring to see a nation slapping a logo to go alongside those of Soros’ OSF and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

From the document trove:

“A Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative” action item includes a ministerial statement pledge from immigration officials from six countries – Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Argentina, Spain and New Zealand.

The pledge reads:

“We, ministers responsible for immigration in our countries, are committed to piloting or implementing community-based refugee sponsorship programs as part of our response to the global refugee crisis.”

The Soros partnership is described in disturbingly business-like terms, as if the sovereign nation of Canada were just another multinational firm that has come under the infamous dark money investor’s sway:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) partnership in GRSI demonstrates that it can be a global leader in migration diplomacy and an innovative institution that collaborates with non-traditional partners. IRCC transformed a small investment fund into an initiative that is generating important global outcomes for resettlement.

Another objective is to have Canada serve as an example for other Western nations to follow. The result: genuine Soros-government partnerships expanding across the Western landscape:


The United Kingdom, New Zealand and Argentina are already resettling refugees through Canadian-style community refugee sponsorship programs (CSPs), thanks to support from GRSI. Four additional states have made formal political commitments to develop CSPs with GRSI’s assistance, including Germany which announced it will resettle 500 refugees through its CSP pilot in 2019. By the end of 2019, over 1000 refugees will have been resettled through sponsorship outside Canada.

Engagement Framework:

Draw from the Canadian model to promote resettlement globally

Lessons Learned and Applied:

Through its experiences working with the United Kingdom and Ireland in particular, GRSI has catalogued lessons learned to develop a general framework for successful engagement of new countries in community sponsorship. This involves targeting specific countries with interventions that support stakeholders through three phases leading to the creation of a CSP-feasibility assessment, policy development and pilot program launch.

The GRSI website elaborates on Canada’s unique role as a Soros model nation:

The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative works to assist and inspire countries around the world to open new pathways for refugee protection. We do this by sharing Canada’s history, experience, and leadership in private sponsorship and by supporting the creation of new programs that countries design to meet their unique needs.

Sadly, there’s more:

Many states and NGOs are interested in exploring the possibility of allowing citizens or other private entities to directly sponsor refugees. Anyone contemplating this kind of system can learn from Canada’s experience—not to replicate it, but to help define and design what will be effective in a local context. GRSI works to support people and organizations as they manage this process.

And, just as planned, the poison is seeping down to reach Canada’s neighbor to the South. Under the direction of imposed Biden administration Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a man with very intimate family ties to Soros, the U.S. is one of the Western nations learning from Canada.

From the GRSI’s October/November 2021 Newsletter:

In a historic announcement, the US State Department has partnered with the new non-profit Community Sponsorship Hub to launch the Sponsor Circle Program for Afghans, enabling groups of five or more private American citizens to sponsor Afghan refugees in their communities.

Yes, the U.S. has joined role model Canada in partnering with Soros to further the Third World invasion of North America:

The Community Sponsorship Hub has awarded $2.3 million USD to 17 local and national resettlement agencies to support and encourage Americans to sponsor Afghan refugees. GRSI partners, including the Open Society Foundations and The Shapiro Foundation, actively support the Community Sponsorship Hub.

Canada has a rogue government that is actively working with George Soros to enact radical demographic change at the expense of a deliberately under-informed citizenry.

And those currently in charge of the executive branch of the United States government are eager to follow its foul example.

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