Unthinkable? The COVID vaccine may be worse than COVID

Special to WorldTribune, June 1, 2021

Commentary by Lawrence A. Hunter, Ph.D., Part II

“If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.” — Carl Sandburg

In Part I of this analysis, I concluded there is a criminal conspiracy afoot among government, medical, media and corporate actors to convince, and if that fails force, every single American to be injected with the experimental, not-really-approved, mischaracterized and mislabeled COVID “vaccines.”

Just one example of this has been the ruthless intimidation used to silence nurses who reported debilitating adverse vaccine reactions they experienced. In Part II, I conclude the COVID injections could soon kill more people than the virus itself – the treatment is worse, likely far worse, than the disease.

1) To comprehend what the vax cabal is up to, the public must first understand the pincer of lies the cabal uses like forceps to grip people’s minds and hold them in a permanent state of fear and confusion. It’s a wicked device that involves disinformation [false information which is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power].

The CDC manipulates test results and death data to consistently maximize the COVID death count and minimize the vaccine death count.

In its latest sinister manipulation of the data, the CDC has lowered the cycle threshold of PCR tests [Polymerase chain reaction test to detect genetic material for a virus] for vaccinated people from 35-40 (a level that guarantees so many false positives as to ensure a never-ending case pandemic of so-called “asymptomatic carriers”) to 28 cycles, which will, in effect, exempt the vaccinated from being labeled asymptomatic carriers. At the same time, unvaccinated individuals will continue to be tested at the 35-40 cycle level, throwing off innumerable false positives and creating more “asymptomatic carriers” to buttress the narrative that vaccines work and the obstinate unvaccinated are endangering themselves and everyone else.

2) Second, it is necessary for the public to comprehend the point at which the COVID jab becomes more deadly than the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus. Acquiring that understanding requires breaking the vax cabal’s vise of lies by adjusting both the number of vaccine-related deaths reported in VAERS and the number of COVID deaths reported by the CDC to factor in the following facts:

  1. The CDC’s reported COVID death count overstates COVID deaths by at least 90 percent. Required adjustment: Divide reported COVID deaths by 10. (See my September 2020 article on this subject.)
  2. The number of deaths associated with the vaccine that is reported to VAERS is understated by at least 90 percent. Required Adjustment: Multiply reported vaccine-linked deaths by 10.
  3. Only 37 percent of the population has been “fully vaccinated” to date. Required adjustment: Look ahead to what happens at currently estimated vaccine death rates as the vaccination rate rises.

Although proponents have reversed field to now claim VAERS has suddenly become unreliable in its reports of deaths for COVID vaccines, evidence has yet to emerge to demonstrate that the integrity of these reports departs from those of previous vaccines.

A strong case even can be made that VAERS underreports vaccine-linked deaths by 99 percent and that CDC overstates COVID deaths by 99 percent, in which case the proper adjustment in the death data would be to multiply VAERS-reported deaths by 100 and divide CDC-reported COVID deaths by 100.

At the current rate of “vaccination” (37 percent) the best estimate of actual COVID deaths is 58,277. The best estimate of vaccine-related deaths stands at 46,470. In other words, at the 37 percent vaccination-rate waypoint, en route to universal vaccination, a conservative adjustment in the numbers indicates that the real number of deaths by COVID injection already amounts to 80 percent of actual COVID deaths.

We can also calculate at what point deaths due to vaccination exceed those from COVID-19. Once the rate of vaccination rises to about 62 percent, the jab will have killed more people than COVID! At 62.5 percent, to be precise, the adjusted number of deaths by COVID injection is estimated to be 70,850, while actual COVID deaths are estimated at 70,300.

What happens as the injection rate approaches 100 percent?

The answer to that is anyone’s guess. The model is only able to estimate deaths due to COVID vaccines by applying death rates estimated from the short period of time the vaccination program has been running. Those numbers are scary enough as is, showing a death rate in excess of 1½ times that of COVID – potentially more than 112,000 vaccine-related deaths. Only time will tell if there are significantly delayed vaccine deaths ready to mushroom those numbers in the months and years ahead.

And now for the elephant in the room: If the adjustments of the CDC-reported COVID death numbers and the VAERS-reported vaccine death numbers are based on the plausibly higher adjustment factors reported in the literature, up to 99 percent, the number of injection-related deaths explodes to more than one million, which would constitute genocide by any measure.

The number of deaths by COVID injection relative to the number of deaths by the Sars-CoV-2 virus is staggering in its own right. If the number of reported COVID deaths is divided by 100 and the number of reported vaccine deaths is multiplied by 100, the latter (1,123,600) exceeds the former (7,030) by 160 to 1. This is not a risk/benefit that would lead any rational person to take the vaccine.

Most Americans are reasonable so why have so many of them taken the COVID injection? Because they have been lied to, coerced and manipulated by the government and the ‘private sector’ into taking this horrid shot without having all the facts on which to base real informed consent.

Somewhere between the low and the high ends of this range, between approximately 10x and 100x, is where the real human cost of the vaccinations lie, compared with the risk of dying from COVID itself.

One’s position on the validity of COVID “science” notwithstanding, it is indisputable that the COVID bureaucrats and vaccine stakeholders are manipulating test results and the data to mislead, frighten and intimidate people into taking a very risky genetic therapy under the guise of a “vaccine.”

The evidence is persuasive; the vax cabal’s resolute strategy of denying people effective and readily available treatment for COVID while locking them down to wait for the “miracle” vaccines is murderously counterproductive, without even taking into consideration the collateral damage and deaths caused by the lockdowns themselves and the concomitant economic destruction they have wrought.

Madmen are in charge, and they are administering death by injection at warp speed. They’re not arguing the facts and they are not arguing the laws of nature because both are against them; they’re pounding the table and yelling like hell. If these vaccines are not immediately pulled off the market, the fanatical participants in the vax cabal go from being grossly criminally negligent to premeditated murderers. When the American people finally catch on, it will be the vax cabal next in line for a needle. This one ordered by the courts, and 100 percent lethal.

Dr. Lawrence A. Hunter is former vice president and chief economist of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and chief economist and political advisor to Jack Kemp.

See Part I: Crimes against humanity at warp speed: The vaccine cabal unleashed, May 27, 2021

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