Devastating Daily Mail poll on Biden: ‘Corrupt,’ ‘criminal,’ ‘guilty’

by WorldTribune Staff, December 28, 2023

Most voters believe Joe Biden was involved in his son Hunter’s overseas business deals, according to a new poll.

The poll found that, by a 12-point margin, Americans support an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. Six in 10 believe Joe Biden was probably inappropriately involved in his son Hunter’s business deals.

Asked to use one word to describe Hunter Biden, voters in the poll most often answered “corrupt.” Other popular responses were “bad,” “criminal,” “crook,” and “guilty.”

In the poll, J.L. Partners asked 1,000 likely voters a series of questions about Biden’s impeachment inquiry, and about Hunter.

The results showed 47 percent said they “strongly or somewhat” support the inquiry, while 35 percent oppose it and 17 percent aren’t sure.

Even among Democrats 22 percent strongly or somewhat back the inquiry.

Meanwhile, 58 percent of all voters say Joe Biden was likely “inappropriately” involved in his son’s business dealings, and 33 percent say they think he was not.

Even one third of Democrats say it is very or quite likely Biden was inappropriately involved in Hunter’s lucrative deals with foreign businessmen.

Earlier this month, Hunter Biden was charged with nine new counts of tax fraud filed by the Department of Justice.

The case alleges Hunter was involved in a four-year $1.4 million tax evasion scheme.

All nine charges relate to tax, including two felony charges for filing a false return, a felony charge for tax evasion, four for failure to pay charges, and a further two charges for failure to file. The charges span the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 tax years.

Hunter Biden will be arraigned in the case and first appear in court on Jan. 11.

In the impeachment inquiry, Republicans also plan to bring in Hunter’s associates Rob Walker, Eric Schwerin, Tony Bobulinski, and Kevin Morris. They also hope to obtain emails written by Joe Biden using pseudonyms that the GOP says the National Archives is failing to provide.

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