Democrats won’t let slavery get in the way of a possible climate deal

by WorldTribune Staff, December 6, 2021

Democrats are blocking legislation introduced by Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio that would ban the U.S. import of products made with Chinese slave labor.

China’s solar panel industry is rife with slave labor, human rights groups say.

Team Biden is concerned Rubio’s proposal would “torpedo climate negotiations” with the communists, the Washington Free Beacon reported on Dec. 2.

John Kerry, Team Biden’s climate czar, has repeatedly refused to comment on China’s internment of more than 1 million Muslim Uyghurs, stating that the issue is out of his “lane.”

Kerry is “ignoring the travesty” of China slave labor “while trying to convince the Chinese to join his climate change agenda,” WND’s Bob Unruh noted. “It appears that attitude now is spreading throughout the Democrat Party, even though the party has in large part built its current agenda around the condemnation of slavery, through the troubled Antifa, Black Lives Matter and 1619 Project movements.”

The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act passed the Senate unanimously in July but has stalled in the House. Rubio reintroduced the bill as an amendment to the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act, in an attempt to force the House to finally vote on it. But Senate Democrats blocked it.

Rubio’s bill has a wide range of support in Congress and in the human rights community.

The legislation would ban imports from the Xinjiang region of China where Uyghur minority members are subjected to “forced labor, mass surveillance, and detention camps.”

That Xinjiang region is also the world’s largest producer of solar panel components. Human rights groups say the industry is rife with Uyghur slave labor.

But, those components are vital to Team Biden’s climate change agenda. That agenda, critics say, is placed above the slave labor issue. Team Biden is more concerned that Rubio’s bill will limit solar panel imports from China.

Michael Sobolik, a fellow in Indo-Pacific studies at the American Foreign Policy Council, said the Senate Democrats’ opposition to the amendment was the “latest episode in a series of concessions to the Chinese Communist Party.”

“With their words, the administration and its congressional allies insist that America can simultaneously cooperate and compete with Beijing,” said Sobolik. “By their actions, they are dismissing potential complicity in an ongoing genocide to pocket dubious climate concessions from a regime with a track record of lying and breaking promises. That’s the opposite of ‘responsible competition.’ ”

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