Democrats targeting Gaetz also champion policies that sexualize America’s youth

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 12, 2021

The Department of Justice is investigating Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz over allegations of a “sexual relationship with a 17-year-old [whom he] paid for her to travel with him.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz

Gaetz has denied the allegations and linked them to an extortion attempt against him. There have been supporting statements that the extortion is a true event.

“Democrats, meanwhile, want his head. Now. With or without proof of guilt. They want him gone,” columnist Cheryl K. Chumley wrote for The Washington Times on April 9.

Democrats are targeting Gaetz despite their own policies which “sexualize the nation’s youth at every turn,” Chumley noted. “You can’t cheer kids into having sex and then condemn the sexual escapades that result.”

The Democrats “can’t seriously condemn sex with 17-year-olds — where it’s legal in 34 states, including the District — while simultaneously calling for schools to pass out condoms to kids,” Chumley added.

“While simultaneously calling for repeals of laws that require minor-age girls notify their parents of their scheduled abortions.

“While pressing libraries around the country to invite dressed-up drag queens to conduct children’s story hours.

“While pushing for state laws mandating LGBTQ history in the schools — and the accompanying not-so-subtle discussions that would ensue regarding sexual choices and sexual preferences.”

The fact that Democrats sexualize youth “would make their condemnations of Gaetz hypocritical, ironic and solely political,” Chumley noted.

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