Democrats ‘lawfare’ strategy for 2024: ‘Lawyers, not voters’ will choose next president

by WorldTribune Staff, January 30, 2024

Democrats have determined that 2024 will be the first “lawfare election” in which the next president will be chosen by lawyers and not voters, “Twitter Files” reporter Matt Taibbi noted.

“The fix is in. To ‘protect democracy,’ democracy is already being canceled. We just haven’t admitted the implications of this to ourselves yet,” Taibbi wrote in a Jan. 26 analysis on his Racket News site.

Will Donal Trump ultimately overcome the unprecedented lawfare campaign launched against him? / Video Image

To ensure that Joe Biden remains in the White House beyond 2024, Taibbi details how a series of lawsuits were launched in a number of states to remove Donald Trump from the ballot. Democrats also ensured that Biden would have no serious primary threat – something which has, according to Taibbi’s sources, been accomplished through threatening would-be challengers.

Legacy media is doing its part by launching a propaganda campaign aimed at convincing the American people that Trump would be a “dictator” were he to return to the White House. Mainstream pundits and journalists have in unison begun hammering the line that Trump is an “existential threat to democracy” and suggesting that Trump would use the military to go after his personal enemies.

Taibbi goes on to describe a group called the “Transition Integrity Project” (TIP) – comprised of top power players in Democrat circles like current Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, as well as nominal “conservatives” who had become anti-Trumpers. The TIP members in 2020 had gathered to “wargame” contested election scenarios.

TIP participants said they were concerned that Trump would refuse to leave office if Biden was declared the winner. The final TIP report on the election, published on August 3, 2020, “read like a year by year synopsis” of every Democrat effort to overturn Trump’s 2016 election victory, undermine his presidency, and now prevent his return to the White House, Taibbi wrote.

TIP participants feared that Trump would “launch investigations into opponents.” That is exactly what Team Biden and the Democrat-NeverTrump alliance are doing to Trump.

The TIP report also alleged that Trump would “use Department of Justice and/or the intelligence agencies to cast doubt on election results or discredit his opponents.” That is exactly what the Clinton campaign and the Democrat establishment attempted to do in 2016 with the Steele dossier and Russia collusion.

One TIP simulation even predicted “that Trump would contrive to label Biden supporters guilty of ‘insurrection’ for protesting a ‘clear Trump win.’ ” Biden and Democrats have labeled Trump and his supporters “insurrectionists” and made “protecting democracy” the main theme of their 2024 campaign.

None of the TIP “wargames” or scenarios were ever intended to be made public. It was only after a series of embarrassing leaks that the group decided to release their full report.

Taibbi concludes:

Many who couldn’t stand Trump, would never vote for him, and have been willing consumers of the awesome amount of propaganda published on the Trump subject, now need to face the fact that they’ve been had. Transformed into the avatar of all bad things — a crude domestic combo platter of Saddam, Milosevic, Assad, and Putin — this vision of the über-villain, Trump, has been used to distract mass audiences from the erosion of “norms” at home. “Protecting democracy” in the Trump context will be remembered as having served the same purpose as Saddam’s mythical WMDs, the shots fired in the Gulf of Tonkin, or Gadhafi’s fictional Viagra-enhanced army. Those were carefully crafted political lies, used to rally the public behind illegal campaigns of preemption. Voters, by voting, “protect democracy.” A politician who claims to be doing the job for us is up to something. The group in the current White House is trying to steal for themselves a word that belongs to you. Don’t let them.

Taibbi’s article “should have every American citizen concerned about the future of free and fair elections in the United States,” Shane Harris wrote for AMAC.

In a second analysis, Taibbi notes that the Left’s efforts to boot Trump off the 2024 ballot are the culmination of a decades-long willingness to subvert democracy in order to consolidate their own political power.

Taibbi notes that Democrats employed lawfare in 2004 to derail the third-party candidacy of Ralph Nader. The Democrats devoted millions to lawsuits to keep Nader off the ballot in competitive states – denying voters the basic right to choose their own leaders in the process.

“Twenty years and multiple political upheavals later, the Democrats are taking the sabotage game it played in 2004 up a notch or ten,” Taibbi writes, pointing to how the Democrat establishment has declared the New Hampshire Democratic primary “non-compliant” and outright canceled the Florida Democratic primary in an effort to thwart potential Biden primary challengers and deny voters the chance to choose someone else as the Democrat nominee.

Taibbi argues it is indicative of how Democrats – as well as the pre-Trump GOP establishment – view democracy: not as an indispensable part of our governing system, but rather just an obstacle to overcome.

The D.C. political class, Taibbi writes, “reordered the geography of the world, blithely moved whole manufacturing sectors from one continent to another, started moronic wars that pointlessly killed millions and created millions more refugees, bailed out corrupt banks while whole regions went into foreclosure, and failed to accomplish much but a growing sense of foreboding and decline despite decades of promises to the contrary.”

Yet despite all this chaos, tragedy, and failure, “they feel sincere rage at the idea that they should have to earn votes,” Taibbi concludes.

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