Democrats and media are losing the debate on who will debate who

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, October 10, 2022

The propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, also known as the Legacy Media, have shifted into overdrive to protect their candidates with the 2022 midterms less than a month away.

One of the latest media tactics is obfuscating, or outright lying, about just who intends to, or doesn’t intend to, debate their opponent prior to the Nov. 8 vote.

Democrat Katie Hobbs, left, continues to refuse to debate Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

In the Arizona governor contest, Democrat Katie Hobbs continues to refuse a debate America First Republican Kari Lake and, though it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to hide, the media continues to run cover for Hobbs.

In the Nevada U.S. Senate race, The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin tweeted a straight-out lie about GOP candidate Adam Laxalt refusing to debate Democrat incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto.

In Arizona last week, Lake was actually removed from the audience of a town hall where both candidates were to speak because Hobbs refuses a face-to-face debate.

NBC News rallied to the defense of Hobbs, reporting that “the candidates were not supposed to be onstage at the same time and Hobbs was supposed to go first. [Emphasis added]

NBC continued: “But a problem arose before Hobbs even took the stage: Lake was sitting in the front row, in the direct line of sight of where her opponent would sit.”

Imagine, two candidates vying for the same political office sitting within each other’s “line of sight.”

NBC continued: “As a crowd of more than 200 watched, organizers said Lake was supposed to be in a holding room under the rules.” [Emphasis added]

The organizers refused to provide to a copy of the rules.

Lake said she was unaware of the “holding room” rule and said Hobbs should come out and debate her. Hobbs, of course, did not.

Lake later tweeted: “This is really sad. The people of Arizona deserve better than this. They deserve a debate. I have given @katiehobbs every opportunity to prove that she’s better than me. But she can’t. So instead of running for Governor, she just runs away.”

Hobbs will likely be running to the nearest basement after reported on Monday that the Democrat “organized her high school’s ‘spirit week’ — where students took part in a ‘slave day’ and bid for younger students to perform ‘degrading’ tasks.”

It is not the first time Hobbs has been accused of racism.

“Is Katie Hobbs a racist as defined by the Oxford dictionary? Yes, she is. Is she worthy of sitting in any role of government? No, she is not,” Talonya Adams, a former staffer for Arizona’s state Senate Democrats, said during a press conference in December 2021, according to 12 News.

Hobbs was forced to apologize last year after a jury sided with Adams’s claim that she was fired for speaking out against getting lower pay than white and male colleagues.

In the Nevada Senate race last week, Rubin tweeted on Oct. 7: “Reprehensible @AdamLaxalt is refusing to debate. Considering he’s an election denier you can understand why he wants to hide.”

In reality, Laxalt has proposed two debates.

On Oct. 5, Laxalt tweeted: “We’ve accepted 2 statewide televised debates w/ local NBC affiliates & NV Newsmakers. Both well-respected & fair. Nevadans deserve transparency & deserve to know how @CortezMasto can defend her record of being a rubber stamp for Biden. I’m ready for a debate. Is she?”

Laxalt is leading in the most recent polls.

“These polls capture what we are seeing on the ground here in Nevada,” Laxalt told Fox News Digital Friday. “Between surging inflation, rising violent crime, the effects of an open border, and record-high gas prices, Nevadans are fed up with Cortez Masto being a 95% rubber stamp vote for Joe Biden.”

The economy and inflation were the most important issues to 44% Nevadans, while only 14% felt abortion was the issue of top concern, despite Cortez Masto using the topic as a focal point of her campaign and releasing several ads blasting her pro-life challenger.

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