Democrat who got drunk at a girls’ slumber party will now ‘focus on myself and my happiness’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 27, 2022

Politicians are often able to survive some pretty severe scandals. But Oklahoma Democrat Abby Broyles, a candidate for the House of Representatives, couldn’t survive this one.

Abby Broyles

During a little girls’ slumber party, Broyles reportedly went overboard with the adult beverages and then cursed at the girls, told them she is a person of color, insulted a girl’s acne, and threw up in one of the girl’s shoes.

The girls at the party were watching the movie Titanic.

Abby Broyles went down with the ship.

Broyles on March 24 said she is ending her campaign to represent Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District

As news initially broke of the bizarre scene, Broyles went into politician denial mode, telling NonDoc she hadn’t even attended the party on Feb. 11 and that she was out of town.

“I don’t remember anything until I woke up — or came to — and I was throwing up in a hamper,” Broyles said in the interview.

Broyles would eventually come clean and blamed a combination of medication and alcohol for her outbursts. In an interview on KFOR, the NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City, Broyles said she blacked out while at the Deer Creek home of a friend whose daughter had several friends over for a party. She said she had combined wine with an insomnia medication she had never taken.

After suspending her campaign, Broyles said she plans to “focus on myself and my happiness.”

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