Democrat conference gives on-stage demonstration of do-it-yourself abortion

by WorldTribune Staff, July 14, 2019

A panel at the liberal Netroots Nation gathering demonstrated on stage, using a watermelon, how to terminate an early pregnancy.

Video from the conference, held July 11-13 in Philadelphia, shows the demonstration on how a woman can give herself a do-it-yourself abortion at home.

Netroots Nation panelist: ‘Thank you for watching our abortion.’ / Twitter

Lizz Winstead, co-creator of the Daily Show and pro-abortion activist, moderated the panel, called “Operation Save Abortion,” during which a woman used a watermelon to show how “we create suction to remove pregnancy tissue.”

“This doesn’t work as well as a papaya,” the panelist said after demonstrating suctioning for “an eight-week pregnancy.”

Another panelist then advocated for more non-physicians to perform these first-trimester procedures.

“It is not surgery,” she said, pointing to the watermelon. “It’s basic health care. It’s easy to do. Safe. We need more providers.”

The woman who performed the watermelon demonstration also told attendees that when access to abortion and training for the procedure is restricted, so is care for women who have miscarriages.

“So, this is really important, and thank you for watching our abortion,” she concluded.

The demonstration occurred “in front of the same crowd the major 2020 Democratic candidates are speaking in front of,” Bonchie noted.

Netroots Nation “is a mainstream Democrat conference that hosts the biggest names in the party each summer,” the columnist wrote. “The media treat it as mainstream as well, glowingly reporting on it in a way they never do regarding CPAC. This year Elizabeth Warren, who has managed to climb into 2nd place in the 2020 Democrat primary, headlined the event.”

Bonchie said of the do-it-yourself abortion demonstration: “Like the slavers who would take pleasure in abusing their victims, pro-abortion extremists seem to actually enjoy the idea of women killing their babies for sport. The audience and panelists are actually clapping and laughing as this woman explains a horribly inhumane procedure that takes another human life.

“Meanwhile, the same media that will lose their minds over Donald Trump getting two scoops of ice cream will not even acknowledge this disgusting display took place. Instead, they’ll continue to mainstream the conference and pretend this is all perfectly normal.”

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