‘Dangerous moment’ for America, Israel lobby warns

Special to WorldTribune.com

Implementation of the nuclear deal marks a “turning point for Iran’s strength as a terrorist state” and a “dangerous moment for America and our allies,” the American pro-Israel lobby AIPAC warned on Jan. 16.

AIPAC surprised some Democratic Party observers when it broke with the Obama Administration last year over the Iran Nuclear deal.


“Starting today, Iran can repatriate tens of billions of dollars from frozen foreign accounts, fueling its efforts to expand its reach across the region,” a statement by AIPAC said.

“The international community will dismantle its elaborate sanctions regime, and Iran will start down the path to legitimize its illicit nuclear program.”

Prior to implementation day, the statement continued, “Iran brazenly violated mandatory United Nations Security Council resolutions by conducting prohibited ballistic missile tests. Iran also stepped up its support for Syria’s Assad, Hizbullah, and Teheran’s other terrorist allies. Moreover, the International Atomic Energy Agency closed the files on the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program despite the failure by Teheran to explain its past illicit nuclear activities.”

On Jan. 16, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the first stage of sanctions relief was enacted after Iran fulfilled its initial obligations under the terms of the nuclear agreement. The IAEA came to its conclusion despite its own report in December that Teheran made a “coordinated” effort to develop nuclear weapons in the past and Iran’s recent ballistic missile tests that violated UN sanctions.

AIPAC warned: “These failures to penalize Iran for its irresponsible behavior, violations of international restrictions and failure to come clean on its past nuclear activities hardly inspire confidence for the strict implementation of the JCPOA.

“This is a dangerous moment for America and our allies. We need to hold Iran to the commitments it made when it accepted the JCPOA. Congress and the executive branch must also live up to their own commitments, responding to Iranian violations of the JCPOA with certain, swift and severe penalties. In addition, we must confront Iran’s continued support for terrorism and arming of regional proxies and take firm action to support our regional allies, especially Israel,” said the group.

“A peaceful and secure world requires that Iran never attain a nuclear weapon nor dominate its neighbors. Today, AIPAC urges the President and Congress to resolutely pursue those objectives,” concluded the AIPAC statement.

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