Corruption personified: Bill Clinton’s rehabilitation by the Democrat media

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By Cliff Kincaid

The author of the explosive book, The Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power to Reemerge in the Obama White House, tells Accuracy in Media that the scheduled speaking appearance of former President Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday is more evidence that the media whitewash of the Clintons continues.

Investigative journalist Marinka Peschmann says, “Only in Obama’s America would Bill Clinton, who employed Betsy Wright to handle ‘bimbo eruptions,’ used lawyers to intimidate women into signing phony affidavits to cover-up his despicable history of abusing women, including rape, be recast as the Democrat savior statesman to nominate Barack Obama for President of the United States at the Democratic National Convention.”

Former President Bill Clinton at the Peterson Foundation 2012 Fiscal Summit in Washington on May 15. /Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

While the major media were recently preoccupied with the question of what Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin said or meant by comments on abortion and rape, Bill Clinton was personally accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick. Peschmann says the Broaddrick allegation was entirely credible: “I’ve met with her. She’s 110 percent credible and there are more rape allegations out there.” Hillary helped cover it up, and “Clinton defenders still blindly rally behind them,” she says.

In a “Smoke and mirrors alert” on her website, Peschmann has posted an entertaining video featuring some of the most notable distortions, outrageous statements, and lies told by the Clintons over the years.

Her book is the story of Linda Tripp, whose tape recordings revealed the information that led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial for perjury in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Clinton was the second president in history to be impeached. The Senate, however, failed to convict him.

Clinton, who had denied having sex with Lewinsky, a former White House intern, later admitted it, after evidence was produced of the affair. Tripp had made secret telephone recordings of conversations she had with Lewinsky for insurance purposes to protect herself from the Clintons in the event they lied again in another court case.

As Peschmann explains, “The big story the media missed or ignored was that Linda had been a Clinton team-player during the earlier investigations to keep her job serving in Hillary’s White House counsel office. She had followed orders and was still kicked out of the White House. The Lewinsky case was not the first investigation the Clintons tried to obstruct, nor would it be the last. We saw it happen again during the 9/11 Commission investigation when Sandy Berger, the Clintons’ National Security Advisor, was caught removing documents from the National Archives. But Lewinsky was the only one that had forensic evidence to expose the Clintons’ latest attempt to thwart the rule of law.”

Tripp had advised Lewinsky to keep the blue dress with forensic evidence of her sexual relations with Clinton. “Thank God, she did. Linda knew from the earlier investigations in which she was a team-player the Clintons had no problem with obstructing justice,” Peschmann said. The blue dress helped expose Bill Clinton’s lies.

In one of the more notorious statements from the scandal, Bill Clinton had tried to dodge a perjury charge by insisting that oral sex with Lewinsky wasn’t actually sex.

In the end, Peschmann notes, on his final full day in office, Clinton struck a deal with independent counsel Robert W. Ray, giving up his Arkansas law license for five years and acknowledging having provided false testimony under oath. These admissions spared Clinton a possible indictment.

Peschmann has released exclusive audio clips with Linda Tripp on her website to back up her reporting that the Clintons would not want you to hear.

Peschmann points out that the dereliction of duty by the press regarding the Clintons was so grave that, during Hillary’s 2008 failed bid for the presidency, even author Camille Paglia noted, “For all the claims of media bias and ill treatment by her male fellow candidates, Hillary has got off absurdly softly in this campaign. No one — neither her rivals nor mainstream journalists — has had the guts to explore or even list the bursting catalogue of past Clinton scandals, in which Hillary was nearly always hip deep.”

“People have short memories,” Peschmann tells AIM. “The truth is Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House in disgrace, scandal-ridden and dodging indictments — remember Pardongate? Since then they have been masterful at re-crafting and re-branding themselves as moderates compared to President Barack Obama — so effective that notables on the right are wishing for their return. That’s a huge mistake. Just like Washington Post reporter David Maraniss’ book Barack Obama: The Story cites several falsehoods from Obama’s books, Bill and Hillary re-wrote history in their books, My Life and Living History. That’s one of the reasons why I wrote The Whistleblower — to set the record straight because Americans deserve to know what happens in their White House.”

As she documents in her book, the Clinton-Lewinsky impeachment scandal was not the first time the Clintons had attempted to escape justice. “Hollywood-Alinskyite marketing tricks, intimidation and abuses of power trumped justice in the Clinton White House,” she notes. “Contrary to what the Clintons publicly contend or wrote in memoirs, in the unedited, unvarnished picture, they withheld documents, stonewalled subpoenas, and influenced testimony in the Travelgate, Whitewater, Vince Foster investigations, and in the 9/11 Commission investigation.”

Yet, they managed to escape justice along the way. Peschmann tells AIM, “If you or I were ‘factually’ inaccurate with investigators — otherwise known as perjury for everyone else or withheld evidence — we would be at a minimum charged with contempt, obstruction of justice, and quite possibly thrown in jail.” But a “special justice system” emerged which “applies to the Clintons and now again to President Obama’s administration, as we are seeing in the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal,” she adds. The Fast and Furious scandal involved the U.S. sending weapons to Mexico that were used by drug cartels to murder a federal border agent, Brian Terry.

She went on, “It’s chilling how the media refuse to hold them accountable, refuse to speak truth to power, and then wonder why America is in trouble. America is in trouble in large part because of corrupt leaders who thwart the rule of law at the expense of all Americans and are never held to account.”