Construction worker robberies: Another unreported feature of the cheap illegal alien labor market

Special to WorldTribune, March 30, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

It’s hardly a surprise that the shadowy underworld inhabited by the tens of millions of illegal aliens residing in America today is a profoundly dangerous place.

While WorldTribune has documented the growing normalization of illegals in U.S. society, the fact remains that the one big selling point they have to offer is what will always leave them most vulnerable: their ability to serve as cheap labor for employers who do not care one whit about the well-being of the people they hire.

Thieves are increasingly targeting migrant construction workers in major U.S. cities.

Industrial farming, meatpacking and other occupations dominated by illegal labor share a common trait of carrying lethal risks for those on the job. The spirit of lawlessness embodied by illegal immigration naturally carries over to the workplace itself.

The cost for Americans is a further corroding of community safety, cohesiveness and quality of life.

This has been illustrated by recent news reports out of crime-plagued Washington, D.C. that make it clear: Hispanic construction workers are a magnet for armed robbery.

Local website DCist on March 29 posted an English-language version of a report by El Tiempo Latino, a Spanish-language free-circulation weekly newspaper published in Washington, D.C. The opening sadly illuminates the “gift” of massive Third World immigration into the U.S.:

Antonio Chávez never imagined that he and his three employees would be robbed in broad daylight inside the house they were remodeling in Washington, D.C. Chávez has worked in construction for more than two decades and owns a small company.

“I felt the gun in my back and a voice told me ‘Don’t move.’ I broke out in a cold sweat,” he recently told El Tiempo Latino. “I’ve never had a gun pointed at me before. Not even when I was in my country.”

Isn’t that something? The ruling establishment’s big-box media outlets constantly parrot the narrative that desperate “migrants” are fleeing the violent hellholes of Mexico and Central America for a better life in the U.S. And here is a Latino construction worker explaining that his working environment in America is even more frightening than where he came from.

The article continues:

“This is a situation that had been seen before, but in recent months it has gotten worse. It’s very common,” explained José González, an officer with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.

In January, MPD arrested an individual accused of stealing from more than 40 Latino workers at 20 construction sites over a three-month period….

González, the MPD officer, said thieves target Latino workers for a variety of reasons. “They know that a Latino immigrant probably won’t call the police to report a crime, for fear of their immigration status,” he said. “And they usually carry cash, lots of cash on them, because [some] can’t open bank accounts.”

Chávez wasn’t carrying much money in his wallet, but [co-worker Almícar] Romero was. “They took $600 from me,” he said.

NBC-4 TV in Washington covered the arrest of the serial construction worker robber in January:

The suspect [Antonio Ussery, 26] stole as much as $2,000 in cash from workers during the robberies, according to the documents. In several instances, the man also allegedly took the victims’ IDs and work permits, despite their pleas to let them keep them….

Many of the victims needed interpreters and recounted the robberies to detectives in Spanish, according to charging documents….

[Ussery] also told police he had been employed as a construction worker but had to quit his job four or five months ago because his car broke down and he didn’t have another means of transportation.

This is a crucial point. It is reminiscent of fast-food restaurant robberies being pulled off by former employees, who realize the vulnerability of the working staff from their experiences and the availability of cash on hand.

An ex-construction worker would fully understand the lack of regard for employee safety that is a hallmark of those willing to hire illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens are naturally targeted by criminals in the often-accurate belief that they will not involve the police. Fox-26 TV in Houston reported in 2017 on a spate of construction site and landscaping worker robberies in the area:

Unfortunately, a number of victims have not called police. The man who robbed the landscaping couple even taunted his victim’s about it. “He made some comment about how they will never report him because they are illegals, which was obviously not correct. They were happy to report him to police.”

As in DC, the robberies were a regular workplace hazard:

Since mid-May, the Houston Police Department has had several reports of work crews robbed in the MacGregor/288 area.

The station reported that workers were arming themselves:

The robberies have become so concerning, some workers now carry guns. “Unfortunately I’ll have to do it in this area until I go to the next project. (You feel like you have to carry a gun to stay safe?) Correct and I can keep my belongings and mainly to go home safely,” explains one construction worker.

Dispatching desperate illegals to perform construction work in high-crime areas and offering them nothing in the way of protection has proven deadly. ABC-7 TV in Chicago reported in 2014:

A Cicero family is mourning the loss of a husband and father who became the victim of deadly gun violence while on the job in Chicago’s Englewood community. Police say he was shot and killed during a robbery attempt.

Miguel Haro was shot and killed at a construction job site Sunday night near 72nd and Hermitage, where he was working to rehab a home. Police said he was shot while trying to outrun his would-be robbers.

Englewood was widely known to be one of the most crime-ravaged areas of the city at the time.

ABC-7 stated:

At their Cicero home, his wife who only speaks Spanish, said her husband had picked up some extra work to help pay for his daughter’s Christmas gift.

In another report, the network related:

Community activist Andrew Holmes says the victim may not have spoken English.

“He may not have understood what was happening until they produced that weapon,” Holmes said. “The individual turned around, discharged that weapon, shot the individual in the head and that individual is now deceased.”

The illegal alien labor sub-culture being streamlined in America today is a dire development both for the illegals being exploited by it and an American citizenry that will suffer dearly from the cultivation of a criminal commercial landscape. And it is all being done in the name of “diversity,” “equality” and the “free market.”

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