Consequences of transferring the world’s best technology to a slave state

Lev Navrozov

Marx and Lenin, and later Soviet propaganda, asserted that crimes and criminals exist due to poverty in the “capitalist world.” In their “socialist-communist world,” there will be no poverty and hence no desire for wealth.

After the “socialists-communists” had seized power in Russia, Lenin became the head of the government. Why? Allegedly, because he wanted to eliminate poverty. As for those saying that he was vain, well, quite a few Russians will tell you that those who spread such absurd slander should be sent to prison.

Lenin died, but the next Soviet ruler, who named himself “a man of steel,” created a society which lasted till his death in 1953 and which surpassed in cruelty all the regimes, including those of the tsars Ivan the Terrible or of Peter the Great of the old Russia.

China's anti-carrier DF-21 missle launcher. /AsianWeek

The next act of this tragedy was the invasion of Russia by the National Socialist [Nazi] Party of Germany. The “Nazi leader” was finally thrown out of Russia and committed suicide.

Those events were just adventures before the “People’s Republic of China” (PRC) appeared in 1949, and China itself became a new Chinese edition of the old China.

On August 5, 2010, I received the following letter from Eduardo Aleman, a reader of mine:

Mr. Navrozov,

Every time I read a news about the spectacular growth of the Chinese monster, I remember your articles. For instance, today, a spokesperson from the Department of Defense was commenting that a new missile soon to be operational is capable to destroy an aircraft carrier placed 900 miles from the shoreline. Why the surprise?

This same week it was announced that China had surpassed Japan as the second world economy, only behind U.S., but all the prospects point that will change in about a decade, when the Chinese will be the first one. …

He concludes his letter as follows:

However, our country is still seeing this opium dream and sending its best technology to China (Microsoft has installed its research center for new technologies there) and we keep graduating many more lawyers and ‘specialists in communications’ than engineers and scientists.

The victory in the two world wars depended at that time on the latest achievements in science and engineering a country could produce. The war became a war of science and technology.

Nuclear weapons? Nowadays, this is considered the old stuff, created by German scientists during WWII and ignored by Hitler, who was too backward mentally to appreciate their importance. Those who knew better developed them further and won the war.

The PRC, which had not existed as a military giant it is today, now boasts the population of 1.339 billion. What an infinite arsenal of warriors to draw upon!

We are living in a new era. Its victors will be those who belong to this new era, not those who recall how they had defeated Hitler.

Yes, the new military epoch began with Russia’s victory, Hitler’s suicide, and with all those new military and technological achievements of the late 20th century.

The war has become a permanent industry, whether any damage on a country is being inflicted or not at this particular time.

The 1.339 billion Chinese slaves can survive better any war than the population of a free society.

Well, the outcome of a possible war will depend on whether a free society has enough determination and willpower to keep its latest achievements in science and technology from getting into the hands of the communist owners of 1.339 billion slaves.

History will show which society is destined to survive and which to perish.

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