Congressmen: Time to quarantine Doctors Fauci and Birx

by WorldTribune Staff, May 1, 2020

It is time to give Doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx “the gold watch and say thank you, exit stage left,” Rep. Andy Biggs said.

“It’s time for them to go out and be quarantined without a government paycheck and see how they like that,” the Arizona Republican said on Fox Across America on April 28.

Rep. Andy Biggs, left, and Rep. Ken Buck. / Wikimedia Commons

“You’ve got two classes of people in America today,” Biggs said. “You’ve got the people who are the bureaucrats. Their policies have produced the division in this country, that produced an economic depression in this country. They’ve basically created societal problems, everything from more suicides, more suicide hotline calls, domestic violence, child abuse, increased use of drugs and alcohol. They’ve basically sanctioned elimination, and if it’s not full elimination, at least a curtailing of our rights.

“And basically, they said we would rather commit economic suicide than have freedom and let people govern themselves and take the risk of freedom. And then we could have put in reasonable policies to protect the most vulnerable. We know who the most vulnerable were from the get-go. We knew it was the elderly. We knew that it was people with these types of of morbidities and health problems. But instead they said, let’s quarantine the healthy as well. You have this quasi-martial law feel going on.”

In an April 27 op-ed for the Washington Examiner, Biggs and Rep. Ken Buck, Colorado Republican, wrote that, amid “the economic decline that is taking place so rapidly, all things come back to the dynamic duo of economic destruction: Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx. … It is simply time for them to be thanked and for them to leave the stage.”

Fauci and Birx “have relentlessly relied on admittedly spurious models to scare the nation into accepting unlawful, draconian government measures that may not make anyone safer while certainly taking a jackhammer to the foundation of our once-prosperous national economy,” Biggs and Buck wrote.

Biggs and Buck cited the top health official in Virginia who “seemed to say that Virginia would not reopen until a vaccine was developed and in use, which might take up to two years.”

“Why could people believe that some government officials would consider keeping our society closed for a couple more years as the inarticulate announcement in Virginia implied? Because it is the logical conclusion to the Fauci-Birx doctrine,” Biggs and Buck noted.

“While we can and should identify and protect the most vulnerable among us, we must respect the rights of every citizen. Forcing people to hunker in their homes for a period of time abrogates the essence of America because it restricts our rights,” Biggs and Buck wrote.

The Fauci-Birx doctrine, the congressmen wrote, “is content with a myriad of anti-freedom measures: mandatory vaccinations, national identification cards that state your antibody status, limiting the right to gather for worship or in large family groups, and centralization of healthcare and political power in Washington, D.C. Their policies logically result in widespread surveillance.”

Biggs and Buck concluded: “The solution isn’t to watch government officials from around the nation implement policies consistent with the Fauci-Birx doctrine of destruction. The remedy is to open up our society and our economy. Help the most vulnerable be safe. If you don’t feel safe coming out, by all means, stay in. Please respect everyone else’s right to take the risk of freedom and venture into our great nation.”

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