Columnist: Vaccination status? Don’t ask, don’t tell

by WorldTribune Staff, November 28, 2021

Individual choice has been the earmark of America’s health system and one of the foundations of American freedoms.

Covid tyrants have managed to change all that and are looking to make the transformation permanent.

“Thanks to the largely drummed-up fears about the coronavirus, one of today’s most common questions: Are you vaccinated?” Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley noted on Nov. 26.

“Failure to see the long-term danger to civil liberties in a question that to many seems innocuous is to help those who are trying to shape this nation into something it’s not — into something more sinister, less free, more communist, less individualist, more collectivist in nature,” Chumley wrote, adding:

“Quit asking about vaccination status.

“Quit answering about vaccination status.”

Recent reports have noted that the efficacy of the Pfizer wanes 3 months after the second dose.

The reports cited an Israeli study that found, “across all age groups, 1.3% of people tested positive 21-89 days after a second dose, but this increased to 2.4% after 90-119 days; 4.6% after 120-149 days; 10.3% after 150-179 days; and 15.5% after 180 days or more.”

Chumley noted: “How interesting given that’s not what people were promised when the vaccines were starting to roll.”

From the CDC in April: “mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective in preventing infections in real-world conditions. … Those who were fully vaccinated were 90% less likely to get infected.”

By November of 2021, the reports were detailing teh declining efficacy of the Covid vaccines and the need for one or more booster shots.

“Study in Science of more than 780,000 veterans is the first to compare waning protection rates across all three vaccines types available to most Americans and to directly report death rates after breakthrough infection,” wrote in early November.

“Researchers found,” went on, “that protection against any COVID-19 infection declined for all vaccine types, with overall vaccine protection declining from 87.9% in February to 48.1% by October 2021.”

That’s to say that if you get the vaccine, you have a 50-50 chance of getting coronavirus.

“But wait — 50-50 is the good news,” Chumley noted.

As pointed out: “The decline was greatest for the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine, with protection against infection declining from 86.4% in March to 13.1% in September.”

Chumley noted: “Thirteen percent? Thirteen percent! Americans should be outraged at the deceptions being perpetrated here by the scientific community, the scholarly community, the scared-Anthony-Fauci-might-cut-our-funding community. … There are a lot of red faces out there that need to make good on all those early 2021 smart salesman promises about coronavirus vaccines saving humanity that simply aren’t panning as true.”

The main takeaway, Chumley added:

“If these vaccines aren’t working as promised; if these vaccines aren’t protecting the vaccinated to a level where it is considered, by commonsense standards, to be worth the risk or trouble or time or cost to get them; if these vaccines are actually falling in efficacy to the point where calling them effective is becoming one of the most creative wordplay moments in modern English history — then the question rears: Why get the vaccine?”

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