Columnist: Answer to LGBTQ madness is ‘Christian Pride’

by WorldTribune Staff, May 26, 2023

After wading into the woke culture wars, Bud Light has seen its sales drop by double digits and has yet to recover. Target lost billions in market value after prominently placing what customers described as satanic trans regalia in its stores.

While customer boycotts of Bud Light and Target have worked to a degree, the LGBTQ lobby is not slowing down and is backed by powerful allies in government and media.

Leftist California Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted this week: “CEO of Target Brian Cornell selling out the LGBTQ+ community to extremists is a real profile in courage.”

While Bud Light and Target have made moves to limit the damage, others have eagerly jumped on the woke bandwagon.

The North Face released an ad featuring drag queen “Pattie Gonia”, who covers the pronoun gauntlet by identifying as “he,” “she,” and “they.” Pattie Gonia says in the commercial:

“Nature lets you be who you are, so, for the second year in a row, The North Face is hosting Summer of Pride together with (they/she) to celebrate you and all the beautiful ways you get outside.”

The Los Angeles Dodgers, after facing backlash from fans, rescinded a Pride Night invitation to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a drag queen group that regularly mocks the Catholic Church. Then the powerful LGBTQ lobby went into action and the Dodgers re-invited the drag nuns.

Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley said there is an answer to the LDBTQ madness — “Christian Pride”.

“America’s been going through a time of weakness in recent years; specifically, America’s foundations have been shifted by far leftists who have hated the exceptionalism called “God-given rights” that Framers enshrined in the governing documents, and as a result, Big Government has gone where government is not supposed to tread. Socialists have become emboldened to come out of their shadowy corners and openly sell their wicked rot. Marxists have gone forth to divide and conquer, pressing onto the people the idea that men can become women, that girls can change into boys, that evil is actually good,” Chumley wrote in a May 25 op-ed.

“Communists with atheist minds and fleshly lusts to become the objects of the world’s worship have pressed on, pressed on, pressed on and corrupted the minds of youth to believe that nothing is absolute, nothing is unchanging, nothing is constant and that standards, values, virtues and principles are all formed from individual preference,” Chumley continued.

“Want to have sex with several partners? Want to grind as a drag queen in front of little children? Want to groom first-graders with sexually explicit reading materials in school libraries? Want to offer for sale in stores little girls’ bathing suits decorated with LGBTQ symbols? Go for it. Morals are all in the mind. There is no after-life accountability. There is no God to consider. There are no consequences, so whatever feels good is fine. Love is love is love.”

To counter the cultural crisis America is facing requires “a return to godly principles and a resurgence of Judeo-Christian values,” Chumley wrote.

“Pride Month” for the LGBTQ community is June.

“Let’s steal it away,” Chumley wrote. “Time for Christians to take pride in their Christianity and go loud, go proud and go bold. If we want to win the war against warped, demonic forces that are reshaping our country into something very evil, then those who know the difference between right and wrong, between godly and ungodly, have to step up and make their voices and views heard. From Bud Light to Target to school boards across the country, I am Christian, hear me roar.

“Christian Pride is not just a month. It’s for life — and it’s the surefire solution to the shift toward evil that’s taking our country by storm.”

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