Colorado school teaching kindergartners: ‘Disrupt the nuclear family’

by WorldTribune Staff, January 23, 2022

A Colorado elementary school is instructing its kindergarten and first grade students to “disrupt the nuclear family,” affirm transgenderism, and support Black Lives Matter.

Included in Centennial Elementary School’s guide of listed principles is “globalism,” which the school described as “our ability to see how we are impacted or privileged within the global black family.” Also listed were “transgender affirming,” “Black families,” which was defined as “a space that is family friendly and free from patriarchal practices,” and “Black Villages,” which is “the disruption of western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the ‘collective village’ that takes care of each other,” the Washington Examiner reported on Jan. 21.

The guide was obtained by the parent activist organization Parents Defending Education.

Citing the U.S. government as a source, the Denver-area school said that “supporting BLM is not political” and said the school’s goal in promoting the movement was “not to teach children what to think; rather to expose them to different perspectives and opinions so that they learn to value and respect diversity.”

Erika Sanzi, the outreach director for Parents Defending Education, told the Washington Examiner that the school’s instruction guide was “indoctrination at any age,” adding that it “borders on abuse with students this young.”

“It is preposterous and wholly inappropriate to teach 5- and 6-year-olds that they must commit to being trans affirming and queer affirming and in favor of disrupting the nuclear family,” Sanzi said. “If a parent wants to raise these subjects at home, that is one thing, but in a classroom, it is nothing more than social engineering and a theft of childhood by the state.”

Centennial Elementary School previously made national headlines after being accused of racially segregating its playground.

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