Cognitive dissonance: Why retribution not likely for Covid mRNA injections

by WorldTribune Staff, October 8, 2023

As most Americans, with the exception of those who still parade around in public wearing face diapers, move on from Covid they are rejecting additional mRNA booster shots but they also “would rather believe they did the right thing than worry they didn’t,” an analysis said.

“People aren’t dumb. But they are very skilled at finding ways to make themselves feel better and justify their decisions — especially when those decisions, like being injected with mRNA, are irreversible,” Alex Berenson wrote in his Unreported Truths blog on Oct. 6 in what could be called a textbook example of cognitive dissonance theory in action.

Berenson details two scenarios that have played out over the past three years.

There are the altruists, those who “accepted personal discomfort” so, as the U.S. government told them, no to make others sick. They believe they did the right thing even though “the vaccines didn’t seem to work,” Berenson wrote. Many of the altruists still got Covid after taking the shots, some more than once. But they trusted “people who know a lot more about science.” They won’t be taking more shots, but don’t “particularly care either way.”

Then there are the realists who do care either way.

Those who were told the jabs conveyed 95 percent immunity now find themselves “questioning not just the vaccines, but everything about Covid and the response to it, from the first lockdowns to the mandates,” Berenson noted.

The altruists fell like heroes. The realists feel like fools.

“I’ve thought a lot about this recently, as this fall’s booster campaign has sputtered,” Berenson wrote. “Most people have rejected the idea of more mRNA. They’ve have had Covid after getting the shots, showing them firsthand that the vaccines don’t work particularly well, or they’ve had unpleasant (and sometimes serious) side effects, or both.”

Even with all that has transpired, however, Berenson noted that “most people are not pushing back on the new campaigns or complaining about the way the authorities and media now pretend that they never claimed the vaccines would prevent Covid. They are content simply to ignore the pressure. They haven’t entirely forgotten — many people are even more cynical about drug companies and health bureaucracies than they were in 2020 — but they’ve moved on.”

So, will Americans be demanding a reckoning for all the Covid vaccine falsehoods pushed by the health overlords, legacy media, and Big Pharma?

Not likely, Berenson notes: “As long as the vaccines don’t have provably terrible side effects going forward, they are unlikely to look back.”

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