CNN host’s ‘brain stopped working’ when RFK Jr. did not agree that Trump is ‘very dangerous’

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News April 12, 2024

In an interview this week on Blaze TV’s “The Rubin Report”, Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recounted how CNN host Erin Burnett’s “brain stopped working” after he said that Joe Biden was more of a threat to democracy than former President Donald Trump.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“She asked me, don’t I think Trump is very dangerous for the republic, and I said to her, I can make an argument that President Biden is even more dangerous to the republic,” he said. “And she had this kind of astonished look — where, you know, her brain stopped working.”

Kennedy said Biden is the first White House occupant who has used the federal bureaucracy to censor his political opponents.

“And I said the reason for that, that I would say that, is because President Biden did something that no other president in history, a court has found this,” Kennedy added.

“There’s no court that’s found that President Trump tried to steal the election or tried to derail the election or tried to start an insurrection.”

Kennedy continued, saying there are “courts that have found that President Biden was censoring his opponents. And not just me, although he did censor me, and I did win that suit. So, it’s not me making it up.”

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