China’s Navy makes its first port call in Casablanca, Morocco

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CAIRO — The Chinese Navy has conducted its first visit to Moroco.

the "Huangshan" warship of the 13th Chinese naval escort taskforce is sailing into the Casablanca Port of Morocco.  /Xinhua/Linfeng
China’s Huangshan warship sails into the Casablanca Port of Morocco.  /Xinhua/Linfeng

This is the most recent demonstration of China’s expanding global reach. The visit telegraphs its presence in the
Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and contrasts with the reduction of the
U.S. presence in the Persian Gulf.

A Chinese Navy task force arrived on April 9 for a five-day visit to the Moroccan port of Casablanca.

The 13th Escort Task Force, led by the warship Huangshan, marked the first visit by the Chinese Navy to the North African kingdom.

The Chinese task force has been patrolling the Middle East and Gulf region.

The warships arrived in Morocco from an escort mission in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.

The Chinese Navy has also held briefings with its Moroccan counterpart.

Officials said the two sides discussed cooperation, including Moroccan participation in Chinese exercises.