China building 3 aircraft carriers, heads for superpower status

By Lev Navrozov

China, which the communist Mao created as the “People’s Republic of China” (PRC) to turn the entire world communist, may defeat the United States as unexpectedly as Hitler defeated France.

France was the world’s most culturally sophisticated and creative country. Yet it succumbed quickly to an attack by Hitler, a WWI soldier who later said that not only was he the greatest man living but that he was the greatest man that had ever lived.

China's first aircraft carrier "Varyag" held its first sea trial on Aug. 10. / Reuters/Stringer

British troops maintained in France could not repel the Nazi surprise attack, which caught the country unawares and was hard to believe.

As a totalitarian society, PRC is a military camp, in which everyone is a soldier. It is easier in such a society to conceal the building of new weapons or pursuing a secret military agenda.

The original Hong Kong news story of 2004, which said that China was reported to be building, with the assistance from Russia, 3 aircraft carriers (called Project 9935), floated around the Chinese forums. According to Key publishing LTD.Aviation Forums of 18th Feb. 2004, all 3 ships could be operational by 2008-2010. The Chinese article said that maintenance facilities had been built in Shanghai, Dailan, and Zhejiang. The author of the article was not sure “how reliable” the source was: “so there you go… 3ACs, setting up the scene to become superpower by 2020

According to Polmar’s Perspective, other articles cite alleged Chinese plans to build up to 6 aircraft carriers in the near term.

According to Reuters on July 27, “China is building 2 aircraft carriers as part of a military modernization program that is causing concern among other Asian countries. … President Hu Jimtao has made the navy a keystone of China’s defense upgrade, and the carriers will be among the most visible signs of its rising military prowess.”

And more: “China is ramping up its military spending as the United States considers cutting its defense budget. …”

The article goes on to say: “Two aircraft carriers are being built at the Jiangnan shipyard in Shanghai. …”

And just listen to this: According to residents in Changxing island, north of Shanghai, Chinese authorities have secretly recruited 10,000 workers … to build China’s first domestic aircraft carrier. … Workers are obliged to strictly keep secret (about their employment). They would not be allowed to use mobile phones and to make contact with their families. … (Manufacturing.Net-August 01, 2011)

The People’s Daily, the newspaper for the Communist Party of China, reported that on May 23, He Guoqiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the party’s Political Bureau, visited and inspected dry dock No.3 [the secret site where the aircraft carrier is being built—LN].

To carry out the construction of its first domestic carrier, China is seeking help from Ukrainian engineers, whom they will provide with high-class accommodations and a soccer field, specially built for them.

According to Tehran Times, Iran’s leading international daily, “… China regards aircraft carriers as key symbols of global power projection and is unlikely to build just two.”

And further: “The Chinese military is engaged in a large-scale buildup that includes new strategic and conventional missiles, aircraft, anti-satellite weaponry and a new ballistic missile for targeting ships at sea.”

It is also well known in the region and around the globe that China is building up its military capabilities across the board.

The Obama administration, on the other hand, is looking at close to a trillion dollars of defense cuts in the next decade.

A free country has its military advantages: New weapons are being built, since they are created mostly by people of genius.

Now, take a look at the history of the PRC. Before the twentieth century, China had no association with foreign countries. In the twentieth century, China’s attitudes have changed, owing to the communist Mao. This jump from total isolation to total world power — is it possible or likely?

The free countries should not a priori deny this possibility. France denied the possibility of the German victory over France — and was overrun by Nazi Germany.

The United States should keep in mind that the communist China is a totalitarian society, the number of its population is 1.4 billion, and the possibilities to conceal secret military projects are infinite.

The PLA is the name of China’s “People’s Liberation Army.” It means that communist China is out to “liberate” the entire world. You see, every country except the PRC is “oppressed” by capitalists and other exploiters. Therefore, every PRC’s war is by definition a “war of liberation” until the entire world will thus become “liberated.”

China has enough people to carry out this task of global “liberation.” What else does the communist China need to accomplish this?  It needs the weapons to arm its army sufficiently well to “liberate” every country, as was predicted by Marx and then by his pupil Mao with respect to the entire “world proletariat.”

When Germany began its totalitarian transformation, no one predicted it would have global ambitions. Ironically, Hitler was defeated by its “copy”: Stalin, who outwitted and defeated that “super-Napoleon,” who lost the war and committed suicide as a result.

The free people of the world, their governments, and those who want to be free must learn how to recognize the warning signs of the danger coming from the evil, totalitarian societies by doing their utmost effort to defend themselves.

Lev Navrozov can be reached by e-mail at [email protected].